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Barcode scanners are widely used in payment, logistics, transportation and other fields
Jun 08, 2018

Barcode scanner? As the name implies, it is a bar code hardware decoding device, which includes the optical principle, decoding and data transmission process. In general, you can understand it as a bar code collection accessory, similar to the scanner in mobile phone payment code and bar code in commercial supermarkets, it realizes the intelligentization of bar code (two-dimensional code) identification and collection to make it more efficient Sex, the biggest feature is no need to contact, without the need for manual participation can automatically identify the input data, simple and convenient, widely used in payment, logistics, transportation and other fields.



1, barcode scanner classification

From its application, bar code scanners can be divided into handheld bar code scanners and embedded bar code scanners. What is an embedded barcode scanner? Undoubtedly, it is embedded into the machine and needs to be developed twice or through USB, TTL-232 serial ports, etc., to access the intelligent terminals such as self-service machines, access control gates, pda products, and self-service logistics counters to play their two-dimensional code identification. The acquisition and transmission process and the communication through some kind of data protocol cannot be used alone. The following will focus on the introduction. Handheld barcode scanners, on the other hand, are products that can be used directly. Scanning guns and PDA data collectors are a good example.


2. Barcode scanner selection requirements (embedded)

(1) According to the different scanning media, you need to consider whether it is mainly for scanning a paper bar code or a mobile phone screen code;

(2) According to the light source of the bar code scanner, you need to consider whether using a red bar code scanner or a laser bar code scanner is more suitable;

(3) According to the volume and space reserved for embedded application devices, you need to select the appropriate size of the barcode scanner;

(4) You need to consider the depth of field of the barcode scanner, scan window size, scan distance, interface size, recognition rate, barcode type, etc.;

(5) Need to consider budget, after-sales service, technical communication and other issues;


The bar code scanners used in different industries may be different. It is recommended that you choose a reasonable type according to the actual situation. If you do not know how to start, manufacturers are willing to help you, we will professionally choose the best one for you to use, and the best cost-effective one-dimensional , 2D barcode scanning equipment to meet your needs. If you are interested in such applications, welcome to inquire!

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