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2018 China Smart POS Machine Industry Exchange Conference Held in Shenzhen

January 2, 2018

On December 21, the 2018-China Smart POS Machine Industry Exchange Conference initiated by Shenzhen Huacheng Development Design Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen on December 19th. A number of industry companies jointly discussed the industry’s future and development direction of the emerging smart POS industry in the Internet era.

In 2017, as the first year of the rapid development of China’s smart POS, China’s traditional POS machine industry has seen a resurgence of Internet big data, new retail sales, and new demands. In order to better promote the development of this industry, leading manufacturers from the POS machine industry EJETON , ELITE , HYSOON , LONGFLY , GAINSCHA , SUNANY , JTPOS , NAIKESI, BALANCE , etc.; Andriod System POS Motherboard Developer Shenzhen Huacheng, Shell Industry Supplier Laigu Electronics, BOE LCD Channel Strategic Channels More than 30 industry companies including Shenzhen Huaxuan Display and Touch Screens gathered together to discuss the industry future and development direction of the emerging smart POS industry in the Internet era.

Shenzhen Huacheng Xiawei general manager of the current situation in the Internet of things, the status quo in the new retail transformation process, as well as the new problems and opportunities faced, and the current solution to the realization of new technologies are discussed: New retail Differences before and after the change and existing new problems; Detailed comparisons were made before and after the change in terms of sales channels, benefit distribution, quality assurance, and user experience.

During the meeting, the POS machine industry professionals have put forward their own opinions and product positioning on the current status and future of the POS machine industry. The ELITE general manager of China’s POS machine industry has proposed the data docking between the future POS artificial intelligence recognition and the Internet of Things.

Mr. Xu Yong from Guangzhou HYSOON Group, one of China’s top ten POS machine industry leaders, provided new thinking on the status of the POS industry and the integration of the supply chain industry. He believes that more and more POSs will enter the dual-screen era in the future, and can pay for their faces in the future. When customers enter stores and settle payments, they stand at the counter to know whether consumers are members and consumers. Frequent visitors, through the current data analysis can be known at a glance the business day, the month’s income and profits and so on.

Zhang Yongjun, deputy general manager under the premise of the popularization of today’s Internet big data, proposed that Yi Jietong’s product innovation and product application in the field made new ideas, and proposed that the future POS machine industry needs to establish industry standards as soon as possible. The operating system will make data collection and consumer information more confidential and secure. It hopes that through industry alliances, more companies can be invited to join the regulated POS market, promote industrial development, and expand the market area of this one hundred billion yuan.

The meeting also reached a corresponding consensus, including: under the new model, end-user-centered one-stop service; deepen the Pearl River Delta cooperation, strengthen the combination of hardware and software, and deepen cooperation to create a service platform, and strive to solve the door guidance , Train various products after-sales problems; powerful POS brand companies, such as Huacheng should promote the commonality of industry standards and operating system software, will speed up the process of debugging cash register software and peripherals supporting customers, and optimize the software Compatibility, and promote the standardization process.


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