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Avoid Bad Habits When Using A Desktop POS Machine

November 30, 2023

Desktop POS machines are widely used in industries such as retail, catering, and hospitality, serving as essential tools for interactions between merchants and customers. Some Bad habits may pose security threats. Based on past experiences, Sunany engineers offer the following tips:

1. Failure to protect login credentials: Ensure that the login credentials for the POS machine, such as usernames and passwords, are properly protected. Avoid using weak passwords or sharing login credentials with others.

2. Irregular software and security patch updates: Regularly update the POS machine’s software and operating system, as these updates often include security fixes and vulnerability patches. Neglecting updates can make the POS machine vulnerable to attacks or data breaches.

3. Lack of security training: It is crucial to provide security training to POS machine operators. Not being familiar with basic security practices and defense measures can result in data leaks or fraudulent activities.

4. Failure to perform regular data backups: Regularly backing up the data on the POS machine is a key measure to prevent data loss. Backups can help recover data in case of hardware failures, data corruption, or other issues.

5. Neglecting monitoring of POS machine operation records: Monitoring and auditing the operation records of the POS machine are important means to detect potentially fraudulent activities. Ignoring these records may lead to the failure to identify abnormal activities.

6. Inadequate protection of the POS machine’s surrounding environment: Ensure the security of the environment surrounding the POS machine. Avoid using the POS machine in uncontrolled areas or places susceptible to damage or theft.

7. Failure to recognize social engineering attacks: Social engineering attacks involve deceiving and manipulating POS machine operators to obtain information or carry out malicious actions. It is important to be aware of and vigilant against such attacks.

By avoiding these bad habits, the security of desktop POS machines can be enhanced, and the ability to protect sensitive data can be improved. Additionally, compliance with relevant security standards and regulations (such as PCI DSS) is also an important step in ensuring POS machine security.


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