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Barcode scanner types

October 18, 2018

barcode scanners are categorized in the following types, which have features unique to specific environments, applications, and industries:

Handheld – The most popular type of barcode scanner. Comes in both corded and cordless (wireless) models.

Mobile computers – Combines functionality of a PC and a barcode scanner into one device. Sometimes confused with cordless barcode scanners.

Presentation – A type of hands-free scanner that allows users to easily scan multiple items. Also known as an on-counter or multi-plane scanner.

In-counter – Similar to a multi-plane presentation scanner except that it sits inside a counter instead of on top of it.

Fixed-mount – Another type of hands-free scanner that reads barcodes using sensors that are triggered when items pass in front of it.

Wearable – Includes scanners typically worn on the arm, hand, or finger.


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