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  • In today’s increasingly digital and intelligent business environment, POS systems have become an integral part of the retail and service industries. In order to better meet the needs of various business scenarios, POS machines are equipped with rich interfaces. These interfaces connect devices such as printers, barcode scanners, and secondary screens, which greatly improve the convenience of merchants using POS …

  • Sometimes customers inquire with Sunany sales team: What is the difference between POS and POS system? POS (Point of Sale) and POS system are two terms often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to slightly different concepts in the world of retail and business management. POS, standing for Point of Sale, typically refers to the physical location or specific point …

  • Sunany team with extensive experience in communicating with software vendors, shares key considerations for configuring hardware in chain convenience store POS ss. Firstly, prioritizing high stability is essential to ensure uninterrupted operation over extended periods. Contrary to popular belief, the most advanced processor isn’t always the most stable option. Established solutions, though seemingly less cutting-edge, often prove more reliable and …

  • Sunany as a POS hardware manufacturer, some customers often ask us is the POS terminal is a computer? To solve this confusion, we consulted the Sunany’s experienced engineers and summarized the following points: An all-in-one touchscreen POS terminal includes a screen, processor, storage, operating system, and input/output interfaces, much like a traditional computer. This makes it essentially a specialized type …

  • As we all know, almost all 80mm (3-inch) thermal printers on the market are equipped with auto-cutting function. When equipped with an auto-cutting feature, thermal printers offer added convenience and benefits. Here, Sunany invites you to discuss the specific advantages of auto-cutting thermal printers. Thermal printers with auto-cutting streamline printing operations by automatically cutting printed documents, such as receipts or …

  • Point of Sale systems rely on barcode scanners heavily to streamline transactions and improve efficiency. Sunany believes that choosing the right barcode scanner is crucial to ensure a good product experience within your budget Sunany suggests you consider the following factors: Barcode Type: Determine whether your business primarily uses 1D or 2D barcodes, as this will impact the scanner’s compatibility. …

  • As a POS hardware manufacturer, Sunany provides various hardware combinations for clients to choose from. The second screen is a very important component, such as 7-inch and 10.1-inch IPS second screens, which are favored by many clients. Some software vendors like second screens with touch functions. So what are the advantages of touchable second screens compared with non-touch second screens …

  • Wireless barcode scanners are an important component in the POS system. As a hardware manufacturer, Sunany usually not only provides customers with POS hardware, but wireless barcode scanners are also an important peripheral component. Wireless barcode scanners have revolutionized data capture in various industries, offering flexibility and mobility. There are two types of charging methods for wireless barcode scanner. USB …

  • Across the globe, Windows POS machines have transitioned from traditional HDDs to SSDs, offering enhanced running speed on a wide scale. The Sunany R&D team provides suggestions to assist you in selecting the most appropriate SSD: 1. Identify the storage capacity required for your POS machine. Select the optimal capacity based on your business needs and data storage requirements. This …

  • A pole display, also known as a customer display or a pole monitor, is a visual output device commonly found in retail and hospitality environments as part of a Point of Sale (POS) system. It is typically positioned near the cash register or checkout area, facing the customer. The primary purpose of a Pole Display is to provide real-time transaction …

  • The timing of upgrading desktop POS machines depends on several factors, including the POS hardware requirements of the POS software, functional requirements, and the budget of the business. Here are some common situations that may warrant considering an upgrade for desktop POS machines: 1. New feature requirements: If the end users need new functionalities or features that the current POS …

  • The second screen serves as a crucial accessory for POS machines, commonly used to display bill information and advertisements to customers, often referred to as a customer display. Traditionally, the second screen is fixed on the POS machine. However, in recent years, many POS hardware manufacturers have introduced a modular second screen installation method, featuring a detachable design. This design …

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