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Catering industry terminology in restaurant cashier systems

September 12, 2014

In the food and beverage cashier system, there is often a term for the catering industry. For cashiers and dining attendants who have just entered the restaurant line, it is a bit confusing to use simple and easy cash registers. Now let me share with you some of the catering industry language in the cash register system.

Yan Qing: The raw materials of a certain dish in the kitchen have been used up and cannot be produced. In the cash register system, when a dish is cleared, it is not possible to order food at the cash register.

Urgent: It is difficult to save dishes that need to be sold immediately.

Squeeze (may be on): dishes that have been called up on the cash register system, require the kitchen to produce, usually the back kitchen printer makes a small ticket.

Taste dishes: urge the kitchen to speed up the production of dishes. This feature is used in both the cash register system and the ordering treasure.

Add food: guests add some dishes to the original menu.

Retirement: Due to dirty or other reasons (eg, problems with the taste of the dish, etc.), guests request to return or replace. This feature is used in the cash register system and the ordering system.

Desk: The guests of the two tables merge to sit on the same table.

Turntable: The guests go from the original dining table to other dining tables.

Wiping station: Virtually divides a table into several tables, which can be used for ordering and checkout respectively.

Transfer orders: Transfer a menu from one menu to another.

Passing dishes: The dishes that have been produced are delivered to the tables consumed by the guests.

To make a list: Place the food item on the menu or press table to be served.

Practice: Some special requirements for dishes

Attributes: Some of the inherent practices and requirements of dishes are particularly common in seafood-based dishes (such as lobster, salt, and salt porridge).

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