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Schon seit 2012, Leadcham Technology Limited, founded by Mr. James Lu, has been dedicated to manufacturing Point of Sale hardware and providing OEM services to China’s top POS brands.

Im 2015, Sunany wurde gegründet, marking a significant milestone for us as we began developing and designing our own POS hardware and creating our own brand. With extensive experience, we gradually improved our manufacturing standards and services, making us a competitive POS hardware manufacturer.

Im 2018, we expanded our reach to the global market by establishing a sales and service team dedicated to providing quality POS hardware to clients worldwide. We invested significant resources in manpower, materials, and finances to develop a series of POS terminals such as the S Series, X-Serie, and T Series. These products were launched and recognized by European and American clients.

Heute, Sunany has provided OEM and ODM services to more than 3,100 POS software vendors from over 75 Länder. Our products are widely used in the retail, Erholung, and catering industries, which has built strong cooperation and trust with our clients. Sunany strives to provide the most optimized products to meet our clients’ verschiedene Forderungen.

jedoch, we understand that this is not enough, and we must continue to improve. Begeisterung, Ehrlichkeit, Zusammenspiel, Innovation, and collaboration are the values we uphold. To achieve the integrated goals of employers, Angestellte, und Kunden, we remain focused on providing cost-effective POS hardware with professional service.

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    +86 755 84877890
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    +86 13422857986

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    Höhenverstellbarer POS der T-Serie
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    Schlanker POS der J-Serie
    Beliebter POS der S-Serie
    E-Serie alles in einem POS
    Point of Sale-Box

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