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Auswahl des idealen Barcode-Scanners für das Point-of-Sale-System

März 16, 2024

Point-of-Sale-Systeme sind stark auf Barcode-Scanner angewiesen, um Transaktionen zu rationalisieren und die Effizienz zu verbessern. Sunany believes that choosing the right barcode scanner is crucial to ensure a good product experience within your budget

Sunany suggests you consider the following factors:

Barcode-Typ: Bestimmen Sie, ob Ihr Unternehmen hauptsächlich 1D- oder 2D-Barcodes verwendet, da dies Auswirkungen auf die Kompatibilität des Scanners hat. For current point of sale systems, 2D barcodes are increasingly used, so 2D barcode scanners may be more versatile.

Scanning Speed: Evaluate the scanning speed requirements of your business. Faster speed is not always better. Excessive pursuit of scanning speed may affect the budget.

Kompatibilität: You need to ensure that the barcode scanner’s interface and compatible operating system can match your point of sale system

Haltbarkeit: If you are just using a barcode scanner in a store’s point of sale system, then almost all barcode scanners on the market can meet your needs. But if you need to use the barcode scanner in a harsh industrial environment, you should choose an industrial-grade barcode scanner that is more durable and more expensive.

Ergonomics: Choose the barcode scanner that suits you based on your workflow, such as a handheld barcode scanner or a desktop barcode scanner, a wired barcode scanner or a wireless barcode scanner.

Budget: Consider the budgetary constraints of your businss while also ensuring that the chosen scanner meets your requirements.

Will these suggestions from Sunany help you choose the right barcode scanner? If you still can’t make a decision, Sunany’s professional sales team can also provide you with suitable solutions.


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