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So beheben Sie einen blinkenden LCD-Bildschirm auf einem POS-Gerät

Kann 20, 2024

Das Flackern des LCD-Bildschirms von POS-Geräten kommt gelegentlich vor, Insbesondere in einigen Restaurants, in denen Benutzer den POS-Automaten möglicherweise an dieselbe Steckdosenleiste wie den Gefrierschrank und den Ofen anschließen. Wenn der LCD-Bildschirm Ihres POS-Geräts zu flackern beginnt, Das Sunany-Supportteam empfiehlt Ihnen, die folgenden Methoden auszuprobieren, um das Problem zu lösen.

If the LCD screen flickers occasionally but recovers quickly, please check whether the LCD screen is subject to electromagnetic interference. Try to keep components that may produce electromagnetic interference away from the POS machine, and avoid connecting the POS machine to the same power line as freezers, large machinery, and other equipment.

Ensure that the cable connecting the LCD screen to the graphics card is properly connected. Make sure the connection is tight and there are no loose or dirty contacts. You can try using another VGA or HDMI cable to connect the display and the device to rule out any cable-related problems.

In the settings menu of your POS machine, verify the resolution, brightness, contrast, and refresh rate settings. Ensure that these parameters are set correctly without any abnormal values.

Check if the graphics card driver for the LCD screen is correct and up to date. Outdated drivers can cause display problems. Consider updating to the latest version of the driver.

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, the LCD screen itself may be damaged. It is advisable to test with a different display screen.

If the POS machines were purchased from Sunany and you encounter the above situation, please contact the Sunany technical support team, and we will further diagnose and provide you with help.



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