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Sunany bringt die B7-Kassensystembox auf den Markt

Kann 24, 2024

POS system boxes are widely used in retail, Gastronomie, hotels and other industries, providing more flexible options for POS system users. Sunany recently launched the B7 POS system box. In addition to meeting the needs of the retail and catering industries, the versatility and reliability are also suitable for IoT, control, industrial and other applications.

The B7 POS system box is powered by high-performance Intel core processors, including the 12th Gen Alder Lake-N100, intel core i3/ i5/ i7 processor 10th generation, and can provide users with powerful computing capabilities.

For storage, the B7 POS system box is paired with the high-speed memory of DDR4 RAM 3200MHz and the support of up to 16GB memory capacity, the B7 POS system box can easily handle multiple tasks quickly and smoothly. It also supports M.2 NVMe SSD, providing users with a high-speed and high-capacity storage solution.

B7 POS system box also has rich interfaces, it includes dual serial ports, of which COM1 supports extended RS232, and COM2 supports RS232 or RS485. In Ergänzung, it provides 4 USB 3.0 Häfen, two Gigabit LAN ports, and HDMI, Speicherspezifikationen, and VGA ports that support 4K video output. The addition of Type-C port enhances its usefulness for connecting peripherals.

Alongside its hardware setup, the B7 POS system box is equipped with a range of advanced features. These include support for Watchdog, Diskless Boot, Wake-on-LAN, Auto Power-On, and Timer-On functions, empowering users to implement highly flexible and automated applications.

The B7 POS system box achieves silent operation through a fanless design, significantly improving the comfort of the working environment. Zur selben Zeit, the fanless design effectively prevents dust accumulation, reduces maintenance frequency and costs, enhances its stability and reliability, and extends the service life of the equipment. B7 POS system box also supports desktop and wall mounting as well as rail-mounted installation to meet diverse environmental requirements.

Sunany has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality, feature-rich and reliable products. The B7 POS system box is now ready for mass production, and both new and existing customers are invited to place reservations. We look forward to the B7 POS system box bringing you a new experience.



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