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Sunany Unvergessliche Reise durch Qingyuan in 2024

Kann 28, 2024

Im Mai 25, 2024, Das Sunany-Team leitete endlich die lang erwartete halbjährliche Reise ein! Wir alle legen die anstehende Arbeit vorübergehend beiseite, um die Schönheit der Natur zu genießen, und das Verständnis zwischen unserem Team durch eine Reihe interessanter Aktivitäten und Interaktionen zu verbessern.

Beim 9 Bin., Wir machten uns fertig und machten uns auf den Weg. Nach einer dreistündigen Fahrt, we successfully arrived at the destination and had a delicious lunch locally. After lunch, we headed to the first stop of the trip, “Gulong Gorge”. We were divided into 2 teams, one team chose to go rafting, and the other team went to the Gulong Gorge Sightseeing CorridorInternet Celebrity River Valley.

The entire Gulong Gorge rafting process takes about one and a half hours, with a total length of 5.2 kilometers, a drop of 236 Meter, and a total of 137 places. Everyone put on life jackets, picked up water guns, and started a unique water battle. Drifting in the clear stream, we enjoyed the coolness and excitement, and the beautiful scenery along the way was even more unforgettable.

For those walking in the picturesque river valley, you can hear the gurgling stream, the red bridges and boats, which contrast with the surrounding greenery, forming a moving picture. Taking a scenic walk along the riverside promenade, we deeply felt the beautiful scenery of nature.

After the rafting and walking, we were a bit tired, so after dinner, we went to the Yinzhan Junlan Hot Spring Hotel to check-in. We then relaxed in the special hot springs, easing the day’s fatigue.

The next day we came to play Crystal Bullet Field Battle! Everyone divided into two teams, put on battle uniforms, picked up weapons and started a fierce battle. Every shot and every dodge made us feel the importance of teamwork. During the game, we also took a lot of fun photos and made them into emoticons, which added a lot of fun to our journey.

Our final activity was racing on the rapid go-kart track. Stepping on the accelerator, we felt the thrill of speed as if we were in a real race. Everyone chased after each other, reveling in the excitement and passion of the race.

Happy times always fly by, and our two-day trip ended all too quickly with lots of laughter. Although the trip is over, the joy and memories remain vivid in our minds. This journey to Qingyuan has left us all with unforgettable memories.



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