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Die Fehlerbehebung bei weißen Bildschirmen für POS-Abrechnungsmaschinen

Juni 21, 2024

Der weiße Bildschirm des POS-Abrechnungsgeräts bedeutet, dass der Bildschirm nach dem Einschalten des POS-Abrechnungsgeräts vollständig weiß ist, ohne jegliche Inhalte oder Symbole. Der Fehler stört nicht nur den normalen Zahlungsbetrieb, sondern verursacht auch Unannehmlichkeiten bei den täglichen Geschäftsaktivitäten. Der weiße Bildschirm des POS-Abrechnungsgeräts kann verschiedene Ursachen haben. Below Sunany will introduce several common reasons and troubleshooting methods:

Software Conflicts: The software on the POS billing machine may conflict with other software or drivers, resulting in a white screen. Upgrading or reinstalling the software can resolve the issue. jedoch, ensure that you back up important data before updating to avoid data loss.

Display Problems: The display itself may be faulty, such as backlight issues or loose/damaged display interfaces, causing a white screen. Connect a different display (like a monitor or TV) to the POS billing machine to see if the problem persists. To Determine whether the issue lies with the display or the POS billing machine.

Data Cable Connection Problems: Unstable, damaged, or loose data cable connections can lead to data transmission errors, resulting in a white screen. Check and replace the data cable, ensuring that all cables are firmly connected to the POS billing machine. Tighten any loose connections and inspect for any signs of damage.

Power Supply Problems: There may be problems with the power supply of the POS billing machine, such as unstable voltage, and loose or damaged power cords, which can cause a white screen. Ensure that the power supply is stable and the power cord is securely connected to the POS billing machine. Try using different power sockets or power cords to rule out power-related issues.

Hardwarefehler: The hardware components of the POS billing machine, such as the graphics card or motherboard, may be faulty, resulting in a white screen. In diesem Fall, the faulty hardware component may need to be repaired or replaced. Falls benötigt, contact the Sunany technical support team for further assistance. We will be happy to guide you through additional troubleshooting steps or arrange repairs if needed.



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