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Was sind die Vorteile des abnehmbaren zweiten Bildschirms an einem POS-Gerät??

Dezember 10, 2023

Der zweite Bildschirm dient als unverzichtbares Zubehör für POS-Geräte, Wird häufig verwendet, um Kunden Rechnungsinformationen und Werbung anzuzeigen, oft auch als Kundendisplay bezeichnet. Traditionell, Der zweite Bildschirm ist am POS-Gerät befestigt. jedoch, in den vergangenen Jahren, Viele Hersteller von POS-Hardware haben eine modulare Installationsmethode für den zweiten Bildschirm eingeführt, mit abnehmbarem Design. This design significantly benefits resellers.

Flexible Hardware Matching:
The detachable second screen offers the flexibility to be installed or removed as needed. This enables easy adjustments to different scenarios and requirements. Zum Beispiel, if a customer initially orders a single-screen POS machine and later decides to add a second screen, the process is simple and only requires installation. Im Gegensatz, a fixed second screen lacks this adaptability and scalability.

Easy Maintenance and Updates:
Maintaining and updating the detachable second screen is a straightforward process. In the event of issues with the second screen or the need for software upgrades, it can be easily removed for repair or updating without having to move the entire POS cash register. This not only reduces downtime but also simplifies the maintenance procedures.

Flexible Inventory Management:
With a detachable second screen, there’s no need to worry about ordering specific quantities of single-screen or dual-screen POS machines. Resellers can order a larger quantity of single-screen POS machines and an appropriate number of second screens as accessories. Installation can then be tailored to the varying requirements of customers, significantly alleviating inventory pressure and saving on procurement costs.

Sunany is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of modular POS machines, featuring multiple series that support detachable second screens, we’ve even designed the card reader to be detachable. Our primary objective is to facilitate resellers, with the overarching goal of driving positive industry change.


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