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Welcher SSD-Typ ist für Ihr Windows-POS-Gerät geeignet??

Januar 24, 2024

Über den Globus, Windows-POS-Geräte sind von herkömmlichen Festplatten auf SSDs umgestiegen, bietet in großem Umfang eine verbesserte Laufgeschwindigkeit. Der Sunany R&Das D-Team bietet Ihnen Vorschläge, die Sie bei der Auswahl der am besten geeigneten SSD unterstützen:

1. Ermitteln Sie die für Ihr POS-Gerät erforderliche Speicherkapazität. Wählen Sie die optimale Kapazität basierend auf Ihren Geschäftsanforderungen und Datenspeicheranforderungen. This ensures sufficient space for installing and running POS applications, storing transaction records, inklusive Mikrofon.

2. Recognize that SSDs inherently offer superior read and write speeds compared to HDDs. Many new POS hardware solutions support PCIe SSDs, which significantly boost the overall hardware system’s operational speed. Opt for a faster PCIe SSD, especially if you’re implementing a high-end hardware solution.

3. POS machines typically operate for extended periods, involving frequent data writing and erasing operations. Choose an SSD with high durability and longevity to guarantee sustained performance and reliability. Renowned brands like Foresee (a well-known Chinese brand), Phiso (a reputable Taiwanese brand), or Kingston (a globally recognized brand) are recommended for their superior durability and reliability.

4. Consider the data protection features offered by the SSD. Some SSDs provide data encryption and secure erase capabilities, ensuring the safety of sensitive data. This is especially crucial when dealing with customer payment information and other sensitive data on POS machines.

5. Take into account the price of the SSD within your budget. Prices may vary among different brands and models. While brands like Kingston and Samsung may increase costs, more cost-effective options are available with brands such as Phison and Longsys. It is advisable to choose well-known brands in China or globally, steering clear of no-name brands for reliability and quality assurance.

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