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Difference Between RAM and Storage Memory for POS Machine

July 2, 2022

CPU of POS machine needs two types of memory to deal with data or instructions: RAM and storage memory.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a quick but volatile memory that stores data required by the CPU in real-time. The data loads into RAM before it is processed by the CPU and can be quickly wiped away when the machine turns off or the program is closed. Basically, RAM is the POS machine’s short-term storage device that stores the information or instructions that the POS machine is actively reading or writing so that it can be accessed by the CPU instantly.

RAM affects the speed of the POS machine because every task a CPU are stored in the form of codes in the RAM. So, the greater the RAM, the faster the processing speed. Each generation of RAM will also improve performance.

Storage memory refers to a user’s data, an electronic device used to store digital data. Storage devices use magnetic or optical media to hold data. Major types of storage devices include hard drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs), flash drives, and cloud storage. Storage devices are mostly non-volatile, data is stored and can stay even when the POS machine isn’t in use or is turned off.

The size of storage memory does not affect how fast the CPU runs, also does not affect your POS machine’s performance. Generally, most POS manufacturers use SSD as storage memory, because compared with HDD, SSD will greatly improve the data read and write speed of POS machine.



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