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¿Cuáles son los componentes de una máquina POS minorista??

julio 10, 2024

Una máquina POS minorista generalmente consta de múltiples componentes de hardware que trabajan juntos para facilitar las transacciones y administrar de manera efectiva las operaciones minoristas.. Basado en los años de experiencia del equipo Sunany, Los componentes de la máquina POS minorista comúnmente utilizados por los clientes incluyen:

Terminal POS: Un terminal POS puede ser una caja registradora tradicional, un ordenador, o una tableta equipada con software POS. It is the central hub for processing and managing transactions.

Payment terminal: Mainly used to securely process credit and debit card payments, generally provided by local banks or payment institutions, usually supports multiple payment methods, including chip cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets.

Escáner de código de barras: Used to scan the barcode or QR code of a product for quick and accurate entry of goods. It helps speed up the checkout process and reduce errors in pricing and inventory management.

Lector de tarjetas: Usually the retail industry uses card swiping devices such as magnetic stripe card swipes and NFC card readers to read non-payment cards such as membership cards.

Impresora de recibos: Used to print transaction vouchers, ingresos, and reports. Receipts usually contain details such as the purchased items, precios, total payment, and transaction date and time. There are two main technologies: thermal printing and dot matrix printing.

Cajón de dinero: Stores cash received from transactions, usually connected to the POS terminal, and automatically opens when the transaction is completed and the receipt is printed.

Optional Components: Pantalla del cliente. Shows transaction details to customers, including product prices, total amounts, and payment options during the checkout process.

Hoy en día, the retail industry is more popular with highly integrated All in one retail POS machines, such as the Easy port developed by Sunany, which allows software vendors to freely install various card readers, even fingerprint identifiers, cameras and barcode scanners, etcétera, which greatly provides convenience for retail customers. Adicionalmente, the Sunany sales team can also customize the POS machine according to the specific needs of your company, provide you with ODM services, and provide you with personalized retail POS machine solutions.



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