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Features & Advantages of Windows 11 Operating System

April 2, 2022

In the POS solution, in addition to the POS hardware and software, the operating system is also an essential component. With the continuous update of the Windows operating system, the Windows 11 operating system has finally come out. So, what are the features and advantages of the Windows 11 operating system?

1. Start menu
Compared to Windows 10, the biggest changes to the Windows 11 operating system are the redesigned start menu. Live tiles introduced from Windows 8 onwards, as well as new themes, personalized pushes with widgets, and new Multitasking menu are also available on Windows 11. Meanwhile, Windows 11 also uses a new font, Segoe UI Variable. This font looks better on high DPI monitors.

2. More friendly to external monitors
When the POS terminal with Windows 11 operating system is disconnected from the external monitor, the application on the external monitor will be automatically minimized to the taskbar. When the two are connected again, they are automatically restored, no need to reset.

3. Split screen operation optimization
Windows 11 windows provide a variety of ways to arrange, and the operation is more convenient. Just right-click the “full screen button” (or move the cursor over it for a short pause) to trigger the split screen mechanism.

4. New app store that can run Android apps
Faster and more convenient are the main features of the new app store. The store not only includes a wealth of applications, but also adds selections, including games, videos, movies, and more. One of the biggest highlights is that you can download Android applications from the app store. Windows 11 uses Intel Bridge technology to allow Android applications to run directly on X86-based devices. This makes it possible for Android versions of POS software to run on Windows systems, giving customers more choices when choosing POS hardware.

In order to meet the installation of the Windows 11 operating system, Sunany has recently launched the N5105 and J6412 solution, they all run Windows 11 flawlessly.



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