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Four Tips of How to Keep Your POS Machine Security

March 23, 2023

When a POS machine is installed and put into usage, the security of POS is particularly important, because it involves transaction information, member information and store business secrets and so on. The 4 tips of how to keep your POS security are as below:

1. Don’t use default passwords, do use strong passwords

Using default passwords makes compromising a system easy for anyone with the internet. Many websites list the default passwords for just about any device or program. Sunany recommends that users change every password. The best passwords are alphanumeric, mix capital and lower-case letters, and contain varied symbols. It is also recommended that passwords be at least 12 characters or more in length. At the same time, it’s good habit to change the passwords on your device regularly.

2. Keep your POS network segmented from your public WiFi

It is extremely important that this public WiFi is not the network that you process payment through. Your POS and back office systems should be segmented or completely separate from any network that allows public access (either on purpose or accidental). This can be checked by your system provider or qualified network technician. If you put in an access point yourself, please check it.

3. Never browse the internet on, or take personal usage with any machine connected to your POS network

In their spare time, cashiers might want to surf the web to browse funny stuffs. But Sunany recommends that you do not browse the web on POS machines or other devices connected to POS machines, and do not download software or APP from unknown sources. All it takes is one misguided click to infect your system with malware that can steal your data. Take personal usage on POS machine will affect your POS software even operating system. At the same time, installing too many APPs might cause the system is stuck.

4. Do not use the USB port of the POS machine to supply power to other devices, and do not connect irrelated devices to the POS system

Using the USB port of the POS machine to supply power to other devices may affect the normal operation of the POS machine. Even, using the USB port of the POS machine to supply power to high-power devices for a long time may cause accidents. Disconnecting devices not related to POS can reduce the risk of POS machine hardware damage.



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