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Voyage mémorable à Sunany à travers le Hunan: Culture, Nature et Gastronomie

novembre 21, 2023

From November 14th to 19th, 2023, Sunany team embarked on an engaging trip of Hunan, immersing themselves in the province’s rich cultural and natural wonders.

Day 1: Exploring Changsha
The trip commenced in Changsha, where the we delved deep into the city’s culture and scenic treasures. Visits to Juzizhoutou, Yuelu Mountain, Yuelu Academy, and Ancient Kaifu Temple offered a holistic experience, blending history, culture, and natural beauty.

Day 2: Trip to Shaoshan – Mao Zedong’s Hometown
Le jour suivant, We traveled to Shaoshan to explore the birthplace and former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong. Walking through Chairman Mao’s former residence provided a profound understanding of his life trip, offering insights into the country’s history and accomplishments.

Day 3: Wonders of Zhangjiajie – Wulingyuan Scenic Area
On the third day, we marveled at the breathtaking landscapes of Zhangjiajie’s Wulingyuan Scenic Area. The towering quartzite sandstone pillars and lush greenery created an ethereal beauty reminiscent of James Cameron’sAvatar.

Day 4: Tianmen Mountain and Furong Town
Sunany team explored Zhangjiajie’s iconic attraction, Tianmen Mountain, with its naturally formed round hole resembling the Tianmen Opening, providing a visually stunning experience. Plus tard, we visited Furong Town, a historic river transport town known for its rich history, ancient buildings, and charming scenery.

Day 5: Discovering Fenghuang Ancient Town
Nestled along the Tuo River, Fenghuang Ancient Town charmed with its well-preserved architecture. The iconic Hongqiao Bridge, adorned with vibrant red lanterns, reflected in the tranquil waters, creating a picturesque scene reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings. The influence of the Miao and Tujia ethnicities added a dynamic flair to the town’s cultural tapestry.

Day 6: Farewell to Changsha
After a restful night in Changsha, we took half a day to relax before bidding farewell to Hunan and taking the high-speed rail back to Shenzhen.

Gourmet Delights
Beyond the cultural and scenic wonders, the trip included indulging in various local delicacies. From the renowned Cha Yan Yuese milk tea to the distinctive stinky tofu and spicy crayfish, each bite added a gourmet dimension to the experience.

This successful trip allowed everyone to unwind physically and mentally after more than half a year, providing a unique glimpse into the charm of Hunan. Indubitablement, it will be a cherished memory for every Sunany team member.




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