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Sunany a présenté des solutions de point de vente innovantes au COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024

juin 13, 2024

En tant que marque leader dans le secteur des points de vente, Sunany s'est engagé à fournir des services efficaces, stable, et des solutions POS fiables pour les clients nationaux et internationaux. Au COMPUTEX TAIPEI de quatre jours 2024 à partir de juin 4 à 7, Sunany a présenté une série de produits POS, démontrer l'innovation technologique et la compétitivité du marché aux visiteurs du monde entier.

The Sunany booth is located at R1222 in the Smart Retail and Business Solutions area. At the exhibition, featured a number of highly anticipated POS products, including the Z series, Série T, F series, and pole customer displays. During the period, Sunany’s colleagues Lynn and Shayne enthusiastically explained the functions and features of the products in detail to visitors. After listening to the needs of the visitors, they proposed personalized solutions and suggestions based on each user’s specific circumstances. Their warm and thoughtful service attitude, coupled with professional product knowledge, won unanimous praise from many visitors.

During their interactions with Lynn and Shayne, many visitors showed great interest in the performance, design, and applicable scenarios of Sunany’s products, expressing a strong willingness to buy.

Participating in the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 is one of our important measures to expand the international market,” said a Sunany representative. “Through this exhibition, we have had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners from all over the world, expanded our brand influence, and improved our market competitiveness.

During the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024, Sunany showcased the performance and advantages of POS products and other hardware to the audience. A l'avenir, Sunany will continue to present more innovative POS products and solutions, driven by a spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence, looking forward to seeing you again at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI next year.



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