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Applications polyvalentes des écrans client sur poteau dans diverses industries

septembre 20, 2023

Dans l’environnement des affaires d’aujourd’hui, un échange d'informations efficace entre les commerçants et les clients revêt une importance capitale. Les appareils multifonctionnels ont trouvé leur place dans diverses industries, les présentoirs clients Pole servant de points d'interaction cruciaux entre les entreprises et leurs clients. Dans cet article, nous explorerons les diverses applications des écrans clients Pole dans différents domaines.

Magasins de détail et supermarchés: Pole Customer Displays are a common sight in retail establishments of all sizes. Positioned at checkout counters, they show product prices, quantités, and total amounts. Customers can verify their purchases, ensuring pricing accuracy, and receive a summary of their transaction. This not only reduces errors but also expedites the checkout process, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Food Service Industry: Restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets frequently employ Pole Customer Displays to exhibit order details, itemized bills, payment information, and even order readiness notifications. This enhances the dining experience by providing transparency and quick updates on the status of customer orders.

Banks and Financial Institutions: In the banking sector, Pole Customer Displays are deployed at teller counters. They display transaction details, account balances, confirmation messages, and other relevant information. These displays ensure that customers are well-informed during their transactions, fostering trust and professionalism in financial interactions.

Ticket Offices: Ticket offices can utilize these displays to present information such as ticket prices, features, notes, and promotions. Customers can confirm ticket details in real-time, reducing the need for extensive communication.

Various Reception Desks: Service venues and companies can install Pole customer displays at reception desks to display welcome messages, guidelines, and other information for customer convenience. They can even showcase corporate advertising videos to convey their corporate culture to customers.

It is evident that with its primary function of displaying critical information and enhancing human interaction, Pole customer displays have become indispensable tools for customer engagement and transaction accuracy across multiple industries. Sunany’s PD70 and PD101 are leading products in this category. What sets them apart is their use of IPS LCD screens, ensuring customers can clearly view the screen from any angle. If you are looking to enhance your hardware portfolio and functionality, these two Pole customer displays from Sunany are excellent choices.



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