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Quels sont les avantages des machines POS compactes?

octobre 8, 2023

Sunany has recently introduced a 14-inch POS machine. Despite having a diagonal length that is only 1.6 inches shorter than the 15.6-inch model, we have incorporated a sleek frame design that gives the 14-inch POS machine a more compact appearance. This design makes the external dimensions of the 14-inch POS machine closely resemble those of a traditional 12-inch cash register while providing a larger viewing area.

À présent, you may be wondering why we developed a 14-inch POS machine. The reason behind this decision is that, after extensive research, our product manager discovered that small-sized POS machines can offer distinct advantages in specific scenarios. These advantages are contingent on the usage context and specific requirements. Here are some potential benefits of employing a compact POS machine:

Efficacité spatiale: Compact POS machines typically occupy less space compared to larger cash registers or POS systems. This is especially beneficial for businesses with limited storefront space, such as food trucks, small retail shops, or mobile booths.

Portability: Smaller-sized POS machines are lighter and more maneuverable, allowing staff to serve customers at various locations within the store or easily move the POS machine to different points of sale as needed.

Cost-Effectiveness: Small-sized POS machines are often more budget-friendly, making them suitable for small businesses or startups seeking to minimize initial investment costs.

Sunany’s 14-inch POS machine is now in mass production, equipped with a default 1366×768 resolution LCD screen and the option to support an expandable 1920×1080 resolution IPS LCD screen. For the latest product updates, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.



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