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Réseau filaire ou réseau sans fil pour les systèmes de point de vente?

Mars 3, 2022

Wired networks utilize Ethernet cables, which look a lot like traditional landline phone cords. An Ethernet connection allows you to link your POS systems to a wired network adapter, providing the POS with internet access.

Pros: High speed, reliability and safety. Your POS systems has a dedicated connection that’s not shared with others, which means there’s much less of a chance of interruption.

Cons: You have to work with cords, which can be messy.

A wireless network, better known as Wi-Fi, allows POS systems to connect to the internet through a wireless router. Rather than using a cable, Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies to send signals to and from your POS systems.

Pros: Flexibility, no need to worry about running wires, allow team members to work wherever and however they want, especially when using portable POS devices to assist customers.

Cons: not always dependable and lack of security. Wireless connections often experience interference, and the strength of connection will vary based on geographic location. Hackers could potentially gain access to your hardware, making changes to its settings.

With the development of cloud-based POS systems, business owners can access their POS systems from any location and manage business remotely. Most cloud systems rely on a wireless network, there is no need for a physical connection to a land server. Overall, the wireless network will be getting more common when using a POS system.



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