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Half Year Team Building of 2018

July 2, 2018

To thank our staffs for their hard work and good performance in the first half of 2018, and to enrich the staffs’ spare time, enhance the feelings between staffs and improve the team’s cohesiveness. On the weekend of June 27th, Sunany Technology organized all staffs an adventure Tour – Huangteng Gorge Drifting.

In the morning, our staffs took a luxury bus heading to the Qingyuan HuangTeng Gorge. They tasted the delicious Qingyuan chickens, walked in the mountains and the jungle. Leaving the noisy city gave them a fully relax in the embrace of nature.

At noon, the bus drove past the Qingyuan toll station. All colleagues tasted a delicious lunch at the farmhouse. The lunch was Qingyuan chicken, which is really nice taste. Later, with the guidance of a tour guide, the bus headed for Huangtengxia Scenic Area. As we all know, Huangteng Gorge is 683 meters above sea level, magnificent and majestic. It is known as the “Little Jiuzhai,” and is known as the king of drifting in Qingyuan. The 8 km long Grand Canyon is full of rain and rain. Diffuse, rugged canyons resemble a soaring dragon, playing in the jungle hills, at the starting point of the “Warrior Rafting”, the warriors put on a “trenched robe” and picked the “warship” with a smile, with a smile, with the turbulence Go to the finish. Along the way there is a rush of speed, sometimes rafting on the bay, soaking in a soaked towel to bring cool to the summer. Drifting allows everyone to take a break from busy work to enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, relax, release stress, feel the harmony between streams, mountains and Maolin, and also enhance everyone’s confidence to overcome difficulties and face dangers. Courage.

Our hearts are still young. We are eager to set off. With our original passion, we pursue our initial dreams and experience the original experience. The road is life. We are always young! We are full of youth! Our hearts are vast and our youth is starting again!


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