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How to Choose A Self-service Kiosk For Restaurant

March 1, 2022

Have you seen the stand-alone self-checkout machine or kiosk machine in restaurants?

You will notice that the queue in the self-checkout kiosk is less there compared to that in the checkout section. This is a kiosk machine which are digital touch screens that lets you place your order and make the payment by yourself without the need of any cashier. The demand for restaurants with this contactless method has increased after the outbreak of COVID-19. The self-checkout kiosk can be available as part of the business’s larger point of sales (POS) system or there can be free-standing kiosks as well that can be integrated with multiple POS systems. Self-checkout kiosk comes in various sizes and shapes. You need to choose one according to your business needs. The hardware configuration will vary according to the usage as well. For example, if you have a limited space, then a wall mounted kiosk will be better. When choosing a self-checkout kiosk hardware, you have to consider several parts.

Main display and touch panel
Main display is one of the most critical parts of a kiosk. It is often called the viewing panel as well. Currently, Sunany provides 21.5 inch, 24 inch, 27 inch and 32 inch main display with capacitive 10 point touch panel for optional. Resellers may choose the size of the main display according to their business needs.

Operating system
To run the cash register software perfectly requires the cooperation of the corresponding operating system. Sunany can provide Windows platform (Windows 7 / Windows 10/ Windows 10 IoT ) or Android platform (Android 7.1/ Android 8.1/ Android 9.0/ Android 11). Resellers may choose according to your preference.

When buying a Kiosk, resellers also need to pay attention to matching the appropriate configuration to ensure the perfect operation of the software provided by software vendor. At present, Sunany can provide mainstream processors like Intel J4125, i3, i5, i7, etc. in the POS industry on Windows operating system, RK3288 and RK3568 on Android operating system.

Customized function
As a self-service kiosk, it must be fully functional to meet the different needs of different customers. So, accessories like Camera, Printer, NFC card reader, QR code scanner and credit card terminal stand are essential. Sunany currently supports accessory customization, which means resellers may customize the combination according to their preferences.



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