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How to choose the right POS machine?

March 22, 2019

POS devices have been used in very wide application files eg. Supermarket, restaurant, Hotel, shopping mall, book store, Etc. and include the various functionality eg. signature, payment , business transaction , CRM ..Etc. to bring the great convenience to us. So people are paying more and more attention on how to choose one good POS machine; and the key component of the POS is the motherboard. Hereby Sunany share the tips with everyone to how to choose one good motherboard to evaluate the POS.

Firstly as all of us know that the motherboard of the POS must be the professional industrial board especially for POS industry and will test or run under the very bad environment (-20℃~60℃ temperature , humidity , vibration、dust –proof and static ..etc. ) and also ask this kind of motherboard with low power consumption.

Secondly , because the POS device normally is connected to some accessories (cash drawer ,MSR , printer …etc.) to work together ,so it require the POS with the enough COM ports of the motherboard and most customers also require different pin s of the motherboard .Hence Sunany has its own POS motherboard producer to match the different demands from the customers.

Now in the market, the popular POS motherboard include Intel & Rockchip. Their solution of the motherboard (CPU) are specialized in the POS hardware.

Normal modes as below:









Different models of the motherboard have their own strength and weakness eg. The common X86 & Android embedded style indusial motherboard is very flexible, it has the powerful extension and also can match the special requirement , just choose them as your specified requirements.

There are so many motherboards in the market, mixed good and bad ones .Evaluate one good product, not only to check the POS manufacture‘s technology and production management but more decided by the great spirit of the POS manufacture . Sunany is a shiny light of the POS industry. Abide by the company culture “Taking action is more than your words ““Do what more than customer’s demands “to win a good reputation in China and EU


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