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How to Solve the “Network Discovery is Turned Off” Error on Windows POS System

March 5, 2024

In the world of Windows POS systems, network connectivity is crucial for seamless operations. However, encountering errors like the “Network Discovery is Turned Off” can disrupt your workflow and hinder efficient functionality. Sunany engineers explore the causes behind this error and provide below practical solutions to help you get your network discovery back on track.

Update Network Settings:
Outdated network settings are often the culprit behind the “Network Discovery is Turned Off” error. Start by navigating to your network settings and ensure they are up to date. Windows updates, security changes, or modifications to your network infrastructure can sometimes cause this issue. By updating your network settings, you can resolve the error and regain network discovery capabilities.

Adjust Firewall and Antivirus Settings:
Firewalls and antivirus software are essential for protecting your POS system, but they can interfere with network discovery. Check your firewall settings and antivirus configurations to ensure they are not blocking the network discovery protocols. Adjust these settings accordingly, striking a balance between security and network functionality.

Verify Network Profile Configuration:
Windows categorizes networks into different profiles, such as Public, Private, and Domain. If your network profile is misconfigured, it can lead to the “Network Discovery is Turned Off” error. Check the network profile settings and ensure it is correctly set to the appropriate profile. If it’s set to Public, which restricts network discovery by default, switch it to Private or Domain to enable network discovery.

Update Network Adapter Driv
Outdated network adapter drivers could be a potential cause of this error. To rule out this possibility, update those drivers to the latest version available. There are different ways to install network adapter drivers on your Windows POS System. The most reliable approach is downloading them from the manufacturer’s website and manually installing them using Device Manager.


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