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How to Upgrade Firmware of Android POS Machine

January 21, 2021

Need to make the following preparations:
1. A computer with Windows operating system;
2. Download DriverAssitant (click here to download), and install it on the computer;

3. Download AndroidTool (click here to download) and firmware, put them where you can find on the computer;
4. Connect the computer USB port to the Android POS machine OTG port with a USB OTG cable;

5. Turn on USB debugging of Android POS machine.


1. If using a desktop computer, please connect its rear USB port. Using the extended USB port may cause the upgrade to fail.
2. The Android POS machine will come with a USB OTG cable, please use it to connect the POS machine and the computer. If you have a similar cable, please make sure that its length does not exceed 1 meter.
3. Provide Android 5.1, Android 6.0 and Android 7.1 firmware, please ask Sunany support team for the version you need.
4. How to turn on USB debugging?
Some models: Setting – About tablet – Build number(Click 7 times) – Setting – Developer options – USB debugging;
Some models: Setting – USB options/ USB setting – USB debugging.


Specific steps:

1.  Run AndroidTool on the computer and Turn on the Android POS machine, if it prompts “Found One ADB Device”, it means the connection is successful.

2. Click Upgrade Firmware and click Firmware, select the upgrade firmware we provide to you on the computer.


3. Click Switch, after 2 to 3 seconds, it prompts “Found One LOADER Device”.


4. Click Upgrade, after 2 to 3 minutes, the firmware upgrade is successful and the Android POS machine restarts.


If the screen of your Android pos machine cannot display content normally, and you arenot sure whether USB debugging is turned on. Please use this instruction to upgrade firmware first, because mostly the USB debugging was turned on by default. If the Android tool didn’t show you the corresponding prompt, please click here and recover operating system of Android POS system.

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