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Information about Product Supply of Sunany

May 29, 2021

This year is a difficult year, no matter for us, suppliers, or customers. Chip shortages and material price increases have led to changes in prices and supply conditions. During this process, we have no choice to adjust the price. And it is predicted that the situation may get worse in the next 3-5 months. Below is some information about product supply, hope kindly check.

There are many chips hard to purchase more due to the chips shortage, such as the J1900 processor from Intel, the J1900 processor is a popular processor in the POS system, but it is an old and low-end product in Intel’s product system. Intel drastically reduced the J1900 processor production when production capacity is scarce. The vast majority of suppliers in China cannot provide the J1900 POS system in this special period. And other materials like Audio controller and network controller etc also facing with shortages and price increases。

What affected more is the LCD screen. Eg 15.6inch. The 15.6inch LCD screen has been out of supply, in the past three months, it is hard to get more qty for Sunany, even 1pc. so that Sunany has no choice and stops the orders of the 15.6inch model. And not sure when it will be restocked. Now the 12.1inch, 15inch, and 17.3inch LCD screens also start facing shortages and price increases. In the condition of all the LCDs are short supply, the rate of the LCD screen with the dead pixels has increased.

And some clients found that different batch POS will come with different brand components. The main reason is that all materials lack stock in the market, and all of the materials suppliers could not ensure the same components can be supply all the time. In order to deliver goods to our client in time, we have to continue finding other brand components which can supply to us. So for the different batches of goods you received, it may come with some components by different brands.

The product supply caused your inconvenience, we apologize and hope you can continue to give us concern and support.



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