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2020 Annual Trip of Sunany Staff

To reward the company staff, Sunany arranges a trip for them every year. Now, the annual trip is approaching, we are going to Yunnan province which is a beautiful and famous tourist resort in China. Trip Time: 20th August – 26th August 2020. All staff will out of the office and enjoy this annual trip during that time, but you …

Sunany Launches 17.3″ Model of X Series POS System

Sunany launches 17.3″ model of X series POS System today. 17.3″ is a widescreen with 1920*1080 full HD resolution. According to our important business partner’s suggestion and the market survey, we developed this model. It supports Windows and Android systems (X200-173 for Windows, X100-173 for Android). The shell of 17.3″ model is made of A-grade ABS. It’s a kind of …

Sunany Will Cooperate With Intel to Develop A New POS Solution

Recently, Sunany reached an agreement with Shenzhen Branch of Intel (China). Both parties will cooperate to develop a POS system based on J4105 processor. Intel will provide products and technical supports for Sunany to develop a new generation of POS system solutions. Sunany will develop a new POS system motherboard based on the J4105 processor. The motherboard will use the …

Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2020 & Holiday Notify

With the coming of The Dragon Boat Festival , all Chinese will be in a vacation, Sunany plans to have vacation as follows: The Dragon Boat Festival : 25th Jun. to 27th Jun. 2020. This Dragon Boat Festival, the heat and the COVID-19 epidemic have caused many people to give up the idea of going out, many Chinese will rather …

Sunany Upgrades The Wireless Network Card of The X86 POS Terminals

As the internet speed becomes faster and faster, most software vendors have higher requirements for the network card speed of the POS hardware. Especially for some software that needs to put data in the cloud, a powerful network card is required to transmit data in real-time. Sunany recently reached an agreement with INTEL China Shenzhen Branch that the follow-up X86 …

Holiday Notice of The 2020 International Labor Day

International Labor Day is a festival to praise for the toiler due to their hard-working. According to the relevant provisions of China legal holiday and our production schedule, Sunany’s 2020 Labor holiday arrangement is as below: The holiday of Labor Day: 1st May 2020 ~ 5th May 2020 All of the staff will out of the office during that time, …

Sunany Launches T Series Height Adjustable Point of Sale System

Sunany launches the T series Point of Sale hardware today. It is the first POS system of Sunany that allows adjusting the height of the stand. We trust it will help parts of clients to develop more convenient EPOS solutions and apply to different working environments. The T series POS machine made of exquisite aluminum alloy body, so that it …

An Open Letter to All

Dear friends, Nowadays, coronavirus has been spread over 100 countries, we need to take care of ourselves much better than any time. Sunany hopes all clients, partners, suppliers, staffs, as well as every single person around the world, who can stay healthy and safe. Here are some tips for coronavirus prevention: First: Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible. 1. …

Sunany Launches A New Model POS System Box — X30

Sunany launches a new model POS box – X30 today. X30 is a concise POS box with a classical black body, full of mechanical sense. It adopts a durable aluminum alloy material, so it’s not only stable but owns excellent heat dissipation performance as well. Due to the fanless design, there is 0 decibel when it works, a long service …

The Updated Status of Production Capacity Recovery

Latest news, the coronavirus has been brought under control within China. Except for Hubei province, the number of confirmed patients in other cites almost single-digit growth, even 0 growth. We are almost all back to work now. The production capacity of Sunany has already recovered by 90%. The lead time of most of Sunany POS can be shipped as usual. …

The Status of Production Capacity Recovery

With the efforts of the government and people from all walks of life in China, the coronavirus has been brought under control. The number of confirmed patients is declining, and the coronavirus cases of cure rate are also rising rapidly. The production line has already begun produced and a small part of production workers has been work. However, some material …

An Apology for the Delayed Delivery Because of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

At present, the Chinese government is taking the most powerful measures to deal with the Novel coronavirus pneumonia,and everything is under control. Life is normal in most other parts of China by far, the main epidemic situation is in Wuhan, which is under control. We believe it it will be restored soon. In response to the request from government, Sunany …

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