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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

May the Mid-Autumn Festival bring along with good fortune and a harvest of smiles for you and family. The festival has a long history. In ancient China, emperors followed the rite of offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and to the moon in autumn. Historical books of the Zhou Dynasty had had the word “Mid-Autumn”. Later aristocrats and literary …

Sunany Badminton Tournament Was Successfully Concluded

Sunany Badminton Tournament Was Successfully Concluded

After two days of intense competition, the Sunany badminton match ended successfully. In the competition, all colleagues were enthusiastic. Although the competition was very hard and tiring, everyone showed the spirit of hard work. This activity enhanced everyone’s team awareness and enriched everyone’s spare time, it was a very successful group building activity. Bonus winner Men’s single champion, Pinde Wang …

Sunany Will Hold The Company Badminton Tournament

Sunany Will Hold The Company Badminton Tournament

To enrich employees’ spare time and raise their awareness of exercise, Sunany will hold a badminton match on sep 15. The competition runs from 15 September to 16 September at the Longhua sports center for two days Awards set for the competition Men’s single champion, with a bonus of ¥1000 Women single champion, with a bonus of ¥1000 Men’s double …

Sunany Launched A New POS Terminal: J200

The J200 is a cost-effective POS machine. The stand is made of aluminum alloy with a very compact design style. The host box is strong and low cost ABS material. The cost control of the POS machine is very good. J200 adopts X86 architecture, and it can match J1800, J1900, i3 and i5 motherboards, and 15 inch & 15.6 inch …

Sunany Will Launch Several New POS Machines In August

Sunany will launch several new POS machines in August. Now we are busy with the test and verification of the new POS terminal. We hope to bring the POS system to the market as soon as possible.

Vice Mayor Huang Min Visited Sunany

At 10:00 AM on July 8, 2018, Huang Min, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, led more than 11 government officials went to Sunany Technology Limited for a visit. The Sunany’s deputy general manager, Wayne Wei, and other leaders received and reported the research work. Later, Wayne accompanied everyone to visit Sunany’s self-developed touch POS machine workshop and production line to make …

Sunany’s Partner Zjiang’s Hunan Subsidiary Was Established

On July 5th, Hunan Zjiang Electronics Co. Ltd. the subsidiary of Zijiang Electronics in Hunan, was formally established. Zijiang is an important partner of Sunany. Shenzhen Zijiang Electronics Company is a high-tech enterprise established in 2007, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of pos printers, receipt printers, mobile printers and other POS equipment. We wish Zjiang is getting stronger and …

Half Year Team Building of 2018

To thank our staffs for their hard work and good performance in the first half of 2018, and to enrich the staffs’ spare time, enhance the feelings between staffs and improve the team’s cohesiveness. On the weekend of June 27th, Sunany Technology organized all staffs an adventure Tour – Huangteng Gorge Drifting. In the morning, our staffs took a luxury …

POS Intelligentization is A Foregone Conclusion

POS intelligentization is a foregone conclusion, SUNANY smart POS leads the new trend In the future, the bank card acquiring service will develop in the direction of intelligence, gradually integrating online and offline, and mobile payment scenarios. With the double increase of policies and market demands, smart POS has become just a business need, and the market share of smart …

Sunany Launched A New POS Terminal: S300

The POS machine S300 is made of aluminum alloy which is a very durable material and had excellent heat dissipation performance, S300 POS adopts compact and stylish design style, more in line with modern aesthetics. This month, we will complete the delivery of 1000 S300 units that have been booked.

SUNANY Focuses On Self-service POS

SUNANY focuses on self-service POS terminals to promote intelligent + self-service strategy Today’s retail industry should not only sell goods, but also experience. Greatly reduce waiting time and provide multi-channel payment methods. The emergence and popularity of self-service POS have also promoted the upgrade of shopping experience. In today’s increasingly advocating experiential consumption, various types of self-service terminal products such …

Sunany C200 All In One POS Terminal is Famous For Asia

Sunany C200 All In One POS Terminal is Famous For Asia

C200 is a POS terminal of all in one. Since its publication, it has won the praise from customers because of its beautiful appearance and powerful functions. The C200 has a 15.6 inch main touch screen & 9 inch customer screen, built-in 80mm thermal printer & 2MP camera, with NFC reader & 1D/2D barcode scanner optional. Operating system support Windows …

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