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Sunany Launches A Brand New Website

With immediate effect, Sunany will launch the new website and access the domain name remains The new web server is placed in the US, the access speeds in Europe and the America can be effectively improved. The website uses a new HTML5 architecture, color matching of the website uses the classic Sunany blue, and the page layout conforms to the …

Sunany Establishes Hong Kong Subsidiary

In order to better serve customers, Sunany registered its Hong Kong subsidiary“Sunany Technology Limited”in February 2019 and established the Hong Kong office on July 15, 2019. It is the second subsidiary of Sunany established outside mainland China following the UK subsidiary. Hong Kong is the freest economy in the world and the most dominant economy in the global service industry. …

Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2019 & Holiday Notify

With the coming of The Dragon Boat Festival , all Chinese will be in a vacation, Sunany plans to have vacation as follows: The Dragon Boat Festival : 7st Jun. 2019 to 9th Jun. 2019. The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, the Festival is mainly to commemorate the ancient Chinese figure Quyuan. It is celebrated on the …

Sunany Will Launch The 12.1inch & 17inch Touch Screen POS Terminal

In order to meet the demands of different clients, Sunany decided that launching the 12.1inch and 17inch touch screen products of S100, S110, S200 and S210 series. S100 & S200 support windows OS, but S110 & S210 support the Android OS. The 12.1inch main display resolution will be 1280*800, 10 points capacitive touch screen, the whole machine volume is medium …

Sunany Makes Further Optimization of The S200 & S210 POS Product Line

Sunany Makes Further Optimization of The S200 & S210 POS Product Line

S200 is a top-selling POS terminal, it has a super stable aluminum alloy stand, and a grade A body was made of ABS material. It has won the majority of customers since S200 advent. In order to make further optimization of the S200 & S210 series product line, Sunany upgraded the 15.6″ main screen resolution to FHD in March 2019. …

May International Labour Day Holiday Notice Of Sunany

May International Labour Day Holiday Notice Of Sunany

With the coming of  May International Labour Day , all Chinese will be in a vacation, Sunany plans to have vacation as follows: May International Labour Day : 1st May 2019 to 4th May 2019. wish you a happy work and a happier rest!

15.6″ Screen Resolution Upgraded Free Of Charge

Good News!!! Are you looking for the POS terminal with higher resolution? If yes, here is a good news for you. As the Anniversary of Sunany is coming, in order to return for the new and old customers, Sunany decided that anyone order 15.6″ POS terminal of Sunany S100 & S200 series from now on, we will upgrade the Full …

Sunany Colorful Frames that Perfectly Match Your POS System

Sunany Colorful Frames that Perfectly Match Your POS System

Do you think the POS terminal only be with a monotonous black color? How can a monotonous color match perfectly with the UI design of your retail and hospitality Point of sale system? Sunany designer told you: No! We refused the monotonous color. After a long period of research and discussion, Sunany’s designers introduced four frames: Black, White, Orange, and …

Happy New Year From Sunany

Happy New Year From Sunany

Celebrate the Spring Festival; celebrate the festival, congratulations on making a fortune! The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. In the Spring Festival, Sunany wish you every success in your career. Realize one’s ambition! Prosperous financial resources! Good life is safe! Family members will get together, just like Christmas in the West. Its origin is ancient, but …

Spring Festival Holiday Notice Of Sunany

Spring Festival Holiday Notice Of Sunany

With the coming of  Spring Festival, all Chinese will be in a long holiday, Sunany plans to have holidays as follows: Spring Festival: 1st Feb 2019 to 11th Feb 2019. Wish all colleagues, agents, partners, customers a happy New Year, happy Spring Festival!

Shenzhen Bao’an International Marathon 2018

With the annual Shenzhen Bao’an International Marathon is coming, The participants are very enthusiastic about the 2018 Shenzhen International Marathon. The Marathon started on 30th December 2018. About 30,000 runners from different countries and regions participated in the competition. Four colleagues of Sunany also signed up to participate in the race. Wayne, the general manager of Sunany, this is the …

Merry Christmas From Sunany

Sunany had a happy Christmas party in Dream Center on 24th Dec 2018. This party not only Sunany’s employees, but also their families. More than 50 members joined the party. What made us suprised is a distinguished guest also joined this Christmas party, he is Kadar whom comes from United States. He played a Santa in the party, teached us …

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