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Half Year Team Building of 2018

To thank our staffs for their hard work and good performance in the first half of 2018, and to enrich the staffs’ spare time, enhance the feelings between staffs and improve the team’s cohesiveness. On the weekend of June 27th, Sunany Technology organized all staffs an adventure Tour – Huangteng Gorge Drifting. In the morning, our staffs took a luxury …

POS Intelligentization is A Foregone Conclusion

POS intelligentization is a foregone conclusion, SUNANY smart POS leads the new trend In the future, the bank card acquiring service will develop in the direction of intelligence, gradually integrating online and offline, and mobile payment scenarios. With the double increase of policies and market demands, smart POS has become just a business need, and the market share of smart …

Sunany Launched A New POS Terminal: S300

The POS machine S300 is made of aluminum alloy which is a very durable material and had excellent heat dissipation performance, S300 POS adopts compact and stylish design style, more in line with modern aesthetics. This month, we will complete the delivery of 1000 S300 units that have been booked.

SUNANY Focuses On Self-service POS

SUNANY focuses on self-service POS terminals to promote intelligent + self-service strategy Today’s retail industry should not only sell goods, but also experience. Greatly reduce waiting time and provide multi-channel payment methods. The emergence and popularity of self-service POS have also promoted the upgrade of shopping experience. In today’s increasingly advocating experiential consumption, various types of self-service terminal products such …

Sunany C200 All In One POS Terminal is Famous For Asia

Sunany C200 All In One POS Terminal is Famous For Asia

C200 is a POS terminal of all in one. Since its publication, it has won the praise from customers because of its beautiful appearance and powerful functions. The C200 has a 15.6 inch main touch screen & 9 inch customer screen, built-in 80mm thermal printer & 2MP camera, with NFC reader & 1D/2D barcode scanner optional. Operating system support Windows …

2018 China Smart POS Machine Industry Exchange Conference Held in Shenzhen

2018 China Smart POS Machine Industry Exchange Conference Held in Shenzhen

On December 21, the 2018-China Smart POS Machine Industry Exchange Conference initiated by Shenzhen Huacheng Development Design Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen on December 19th. A number of industry companies jointly discussed the industry’s future and development direction of the emerging smart POS industry in the Internet era. In 2017, as the first year of the rapid development of …

SUNANY Participates in 2017 China POS Industry Annual Meeting and Talks About The Future of The Industry

2017 is nearing completion and the new 2018 is coming. In the past 2017, what is the development situation of China’s POS machine industry and what industry data are worth our attention? At the same time, behind the high-speed development of any industry, a large number of companies have always been unable to do so. They are constantly making efforts …

Good Policies Stimulate The Market! China’s POS Industry Enters An Outbreak In 2018

Good Policies Stimulate The Market! China’s POS Industry Enters An Outbreak In 2018

The year 2017 is a good year for the entire payment industry. In the coming 2018, SUNANY is still full of confidence for the new wave of payment. 1. The Central Bank has launched a New Deal to strengthen the regulation of bar code payments, whether it is limits, restrictions on credit cards, or restrictions on unfair competition. All will …

Sunany Will Launched A High Cost-effective Performance Mobile POS – Z91

Z91 is a all in one function POS terminal. It is 5.5 inch screen touch, built-in a 58mm thermal printer, a 5 million pixels camera and a 2800mAh battery which provides super long standby time. It adopts the open android 5.1 operating system, it supports the user a simple and efficient development of the upperapplication. It supports 2G/ 3G / …

SUNANY Recently Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With ALLWINNER

On Sept. 29, 2017, SUNANY recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ZHUHAI ALLWINNER TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. ALLWINNER said that both parties agreed that with the advent of the smart hardware era, the chip as the core and the engine of intelligent hardware is the essential foundation for the device to be able to realize intelligence, and its degree of development …

Hot Sale Pocket Wireless Bluetooth 58mm Thermal Printer SP5802

Hot Sale Pocket Wireless Bluetooth 58mm Thermal Printer SP5802

1. It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suited to outdoor work environments. 2. The feature has small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple to connect, easy to use. 3. Can be compatible with Android and iOS operate systems. Applications: The mobile police system The tobacco distribution system The utility meter reading system The mobile office / mobile …

Sunany PDA Fully Supports UHF RFID Function

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a form of wireless communication that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal or person. Most countries have assigned the 125 or 134 kHz areas of the spectrum for low-frequency RFID systems, and 13.56 MHz is generally used around …

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