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Information about Product Supply of Sunany

This year is a difficult year, no matter for us, suppliers, or customers. Chip shortages and material price increases have led to changes in prices and supply conditions. During this process, we have no choice to adjust the price. And it is predicted that the situation may get worse in the next 3-5 months. Below is some information about product …

Career with us – Sunany’s Global Recruitment Plan

With the expansion of Sunany’s business, and to provide clients with a better product and service, Sunany decides to recruit some skilled people from all around the world. Following are the details. POS Hardware Engineer (6): Take the responsibility of design and develop board-level POS hardware; research and select POS hardware components; create a schematic of the POS design. Who …

Congratulations! Sunany Shenzhen has Relocated to New Office

On 12th May 2021, Sunany Shenzhen had held an opening ceremony in new office. With the red curtain falling and the logo of Sunany showing up, we are pleased to announce all of you that Sunany Shenzhen has officially relocated to a new office. The phone number and e-mail addresses remain unchanged, however the new office is as below: Room …

Happy International Labor Day 2021 and The Holiday Notice

With the approaching of 2021 International Labor Day, most people around the world will have a holiday. Looking back to last Labor Day, we only can stay at home to protect ourselves from COVID-19. But this year will be different because the COVID-19 was controlled rapidly and effectively in most areas of the world. Based on relevant provisions and the …

Sunany Will Stop Producing The 9.7″ Second Display

The 9.7″ LCD supplier we cooperated is Hannstar from Taiwan. Affected by the COVID-19, the demands of LCD TV, laptop and monitor has grown rapidly, which leading to a shortage of LCD screen. Since September 2020, Hannstar didn’t supply us with enough quantity. It’s predicted to recover to normal supply will be in the end of 2021. Now we don’t …

Sunany Shenzhen Will Relocate to New Office

With the growth of business, Sunany Shenzhen plans to relocate to a grander office to meet the needs of the business development. Relocation date: On the late April. New address: Room 701, Building 2, Pingji Avenue NO.13, Longgang district, Shenzhen, Guangdong. The new office occupies 1100 square meters, including 600 square meters of office space and 500 square meters of …

Holiday Notice of 2021 Ching Ming Festival

Spring rain nourishes the earth, all things sprout with freshness. With Ching Ming Festival is coming, Sunany Ching Ming holiday schedule is as below: Ching Ming holiday: April 3rd, 2021 – April 5th, 2021 Ching Ming Festival is one of the most important traditional festival in Chinese history. During the Ching Ming Festival, Chinese people will sweep tombs and offer …

Sunany Launches L Series Point of Sale Terminal

Sunany launches L series point of sale terminal today. L series point of sale terminal comes with aluminum alloy stand, and what’s worth mentioning that the stand is able to be disassembled. So that the whole point of sale terminal can be packed with a smaller carton. We believe it can save your shipping cost with at least 30% off. …

Sunany Focus on the Trends of Self-ordering Kiosks in Restaurant

In the past few years, self-ordering kiosks have become a staple at fast-food and fast-casual chains around the world. Especially McDonald’s and KFC, they are of the world went first investment in kiosks early on, but independent restaurants have been much more hesitant and slow to adopt this kind of Self-ordering kiosk. In the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has …

An Open Letter about Massive Shortage of Materials

As is known to all, the simultaneous growth of various demands, all industries generally predicted that the shortage of wafers will continue until the third quarter of next year.  The main reasons include 1. huge increase in demand for power management chips from 5G mobile phones; 2. the epidemic has led to a substantial increase in the demand for technology …

Sunany Launches K series Self-service Kiosk Solution

Sunany launches K series kiosk solution. Last year, Sunany had received lots of inquiries of Kiosk. After the marketing analysis and product study, Sunany launches its first Kiosk product. There is no doubt that it will enhance your competitiveness in those industries that prefer self-ordering. K series supports 21.5inch, 24inch, 27inch, and 32inch full HD display for optional, which all …

Holiday Notice of The 2021 Chinese Spring Festival

The 2021 Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon! Due to this public holiday, Sunany will not be able to ship your orders during the holiday. However, you may still place orders and we will arrange production & shipment after the Chinese Spring Festival. Please check our holiday schedule for the 2021 Chinese Spring Festival and arrange your orders in advance. …

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