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Sunany Will Upgrade the X and T series POS Systems

Based on the feedback from some close business partners, Sunany decides to upgrade the X and T series POS systems. Now, let us check what the changes are. Comparing to the previous one, the new aluminum alloy shell is squarer, which comes with sharp edges and corners. The structure is more sturdy and owns better heat dissipation performance. Users still …

Sunany Launches Z200 Series Point of Sale System

In order to help clients to win more markets, Sunany decides to launch Z200 series point of sale system which with a super competitive price, because of Sunany adopt a cost-effective solution and give up the profits. There are three models in Z200 series, which named Z200-Z, Z200-O and Z200-X. All shells are made of Grade-A ABS material. The stand of …

Happy Chinese National Day 2021 & Holiday Notice

October 1st is Chinese National Day which is to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. There are usually many activities arranged in China to celebrate that day. This year, Chinese National Day is coming soon, Sunany will arrange the holidays as below: The National Day holidays: 1st October, 2021~7th October,2021. The holidays will last about …

Sunany Enjoyed the Perfect Trip from Guizhou

From 9th Sep to 14th Sep, Sunany had started an unforgettable 6-days annual trip from Guizhou province. Here, we would love to share our dreamy trip with all of you.  Guizhou is also famous due to its karst landforms. So, the green mountains and rivers in Guizhou have left a deep impression on all visitors. We had seen the …

The Holiday Notice of 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival

How rare the moon, so round and clear! With cup in hand, I ask of the blue sky. With the approaching of 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival, the schedule of Sunany is shown as below: The holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival: 19th to 21th September. Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China, it symbolizes reunion. On that day, people will stay with …

2021 Annual Trip of Sunany Staff

Every year, Sunany will organize a long time trip for the staff. In 2021, the trip’s destination is Guizhou, China. Guizhou referred to as “Qian”, belong to Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, is an inland mountainous province that owns beautiful mountains and rivers, good climate, rich natural resources, and lots of ethnic minorities. Besides that, Guizhou also owns the special snack, such as …

Sunany 2021 Eagle Cup Badminton Tournament Concluded Perfectly

On 8:30 PM 18th June, the Sunany 2021 Eagle Cup final was held as scheduled. Due to the COVID-19, we had to limit the number of participants in the finals, but we still concluded the finals perfectly The first match was the women’s singles final, Our Sunany girls were excellent as their male colleagues. Their valiant and heroic posture were …

Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2021 & Holiday Notice

Every Chinese lunar 5th May is Dragon Boat Festival. Sunany Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement is as below: Dragon Boat Festival holiday: June 12th, 2021 – June 14th, 2021. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese will cook the Chinese traditional rice dumpling call Zongzi and race dragon boats to commemorate the ancient Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan. In addition, …

Information about Product Supply of Sunany

This year is a difficult year, no matter for us, suppliers, or customers. Chip shortages and material price increases have led to changes in prices and supply conditions. During this process, we have no choice to adjust the price. And it is predicted that the situation may get worse in the next 3-5 months. Below is some information about product …

Career with us – Sunany’s Global Recruitment Plan

With the expansion of Sunany’s business, and to provide clients with a better product and service, Sunany decides to recruit some skilled people from all around the world. Following are the details. POS Hardware Engineer (6): Take the responsibility of design and develop board-level POS hardware; research and select POS hardware components; create a schematic of the POS design. Who …

Congratulations! Sunany Shenzhen has Relocated to New Office

On 12th May 2021, Sunany Shenzhen had held an opening ceremony in new office. With the red curtain falling and the logo of Sunany showing up, we are pleased to announce all of you that Sunany Shenzhen has officially relocated to a new office. The phone number and e-mail addresses remain unchanged, however the new office is as below: Room …

Happy International Labor Day 2021 and The Holiday Notice

With the approaching of 2021 International Labor Day, most people around the world will have a holiday. Looking back to last Labor Day, we only can stay at home to protect ourselves from COVID-19. But this year will be different because the COVID-19 was controlled rapidly and effectively in most areas of the world. Based on relevant provisions and the …

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