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POS Customer Display: LED VS VFD, Which One Do You Prefer?

January 26, 2022

Nowadays, the commonly used customer display types in the POS industry include LED, VFD and LCD. Among them, LED and VFD are the two most cost-effective customer display, so what is the difference between them and how to choose?

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. It has the advantages of high brightness, great vision, clear image, bright color, good stability, low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and so on.

The full name of VFD is Vacuum Fluorescent Display, which is a display device developed from vacuum tubes. It consists of a cathode that emits electrons (direct heating type, collectively referred to as a filament), a grid that accelerates and controls the flow of electrons, an anode with electrodes and phosphors printed on a glass substrate, a grid and a glass cover. It uses electrons to hit the phosphors to make the phosphors glow. So, it is a self-luminous display device.

The LED is superior to the VFD in terms of high brightness and low power consumption. Compared with LED, VFD is superior in resolution and response speed. At present, LED customer display can be installed on J series and L series, while VFD can be installed on all series of Sunany POS terminals.



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