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February 10, 2014

Since the advent of electronic cash registers, according to the needs of a variety of business management, has formed a complete series. Therefore, according to the actual needs can choose the right POS.

Select electronic cash registers should be selected according to the following key indicators:

1, category classification based on the number of sales of goods to select the appropriate number of departments of electronic cash registers.

2, the number of single product to manage a single product based on the number of selected single product with the corresponding number of electronic cash registers.

3, choose whether to print the Chinese characters printed as needed, usually printed in Chinese than English print POS POS is much more expensive

4, single, double printing: Two print and electronic cash registers stub associated with customers, management is standardized, but the cheaper one is much more expensive to print electronic cash registers. Of course, the single print can print non-carbon double-layer pressure sensitive paper, to achieve the purpose of reservation stub. Pressure sensitive paper, but no carbon price is more than double layer of paper. Long-term use, the cost is higher.

5, whether the scale of operation and network development trend based on the need for network management decisions. Electronic cash registers can be networked electronic cash registers in addition to price much higher than the average, the need to add-on software costs.

POS preparations before use

1, category (sector) purchase of goods should be according to the largest sector of electronic cash registers the number of categories. This will maximize management efficiency.

2, a single product code, if a single product management, necessary for some or all want to manage the commodity code, and decided on the type of unit price and vesting.

3, to determine cashier code (password) has a receiving member of the general POS management. Therefore, to the cashier for each number or password.

4, the above data programmed into the electronic cash registers within the set.

5, determine the rights management There are several electronic cash register lock mode, respectively, in different keys to enter. Management authority is the different levels of management personnel at all levels of the key points the palm. Cashier cashier master key (REG), department managers who read statements of key (X), manager or clear statements of financial control key (Z) and the programming key (P).

6, to determine daily, monthly reporting of time and shift changes, clear procedures.

7, electronic cash registers from the cashier and management company personnel for training. Buju each operation must be clear and precautions. Management must be aware of various reports of the contents of the read methods and means. Not clear if the report content, electronic cash registers will lose the management role.

8, random storage instructions carefully. At this time very useful and easy to ignore a part of.

General Electronic Cash Register POS reading instruction manual instructions are usually divided into five divisions Part I: POS key surface position, the lock mode, keys, function and health interpretation. Part II: Electronic cash register programming. Part III: Electronic cash registers operating instructions, including specific examples of various operations and the corresponding small-ticket model. Part IV: Report read and report templates. Detailed report details all kinds of reports and the character of each column of significance. Part V: Caution. These include content on how to change paper, change the ribbon (color reel), add ink, the processing power failure due to misuse resulting solution when the machine locked up and so on.


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