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Precautions of Upgrading RAM or SSD by Ownself

July 20, 2021

In the daily sales work, we met some clients who wanna upgrading the RAM or SSD of the Windows POS terminal by themself. Sunany does not suggest client upgrade the RAM or SSD of the POS terminal himself if without any professional engineers. Normally it is possible to do that if the POS terminal supports it, hope to notice the below precautions.

For the RAM

Interface Type DDR3L or DDR3
Interface Socket SO-DIMM 204pin  (laptop)
Max Capacity 8GB (J1900 motherboard)
16GB (i3/ i5/ i7 motherboard)
Compatible Frequency PC3-8500 1066MHz
PC3-10600 1333MHz
PC3-12800 1600MHz
Operating Voltage 1.35V or 1.5V

Tips: Some POS terminal supports 1 slot only, and not support to add more, if you are not sure about it, please consult with Sunany Team.


For the SSD

Interface Type SATA III
Interface Socket Mini SATA (mSATA)
Max Capacity Unlimited
Operating Voltage 5V+5%

Tips: All POS terminals of Sunany will be with only 1 slot for the SSD, if you want to upgrade it, you will need to replace the original one.


1. Please consult with Sunany Team if you are unsure the RAM and SSD fit the above specification requirements, and the POS terminal is supported upgrading or not.
2. When upgrading, it would need to disassemble the POS terminal, please do not pull the cable violently, it would be better to take a photo of the cable’s connection to the motherboard to ensure cables will restore correctly after upgrading.



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