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UnionPay Releases QR Code Payment Standard

December 16, 2016

UnionPay Releases QR Code Payment Standard, SUNANY Smart POS Practice Security Specification

On December 12, 2016, China UnionPay officially issued a QR code payment standard, which specifies the QR code categories, encoding methods, generation rules, and reading equipment. The introduction of the standard will make consumers’ payment environment more secure. In the scramble for offline scenarios, third-party payment companies seized the resources of merchants through the convenience and subsidy of scanning codes. This time, UnionPay entered the scan code payment market, and the “regulatory compliance” of scan code payment injects cardiac stimulants into smart POS manufacturers. This means that terminals that can support scanning and other payments will become just-in-demand for each merchant, and will set off an upsurge of smart POS replacement for traditional POS replacement throughout the country.

In addition to seizing user portals, scan code payment can also realize the function of verification and verification of coupons and group purchase coupons, effectively connecting online and offline, and maximizing the purchasing power of consumers. While enjoying the convenience of scanning, it is even more important to pay attention to safety.

SUNNANY smart POS is a practitioner of transaction security protection. SUNANY payment terminal complies with the industry and UnionPay standards. It has built-in powerful high-performance smart operating system and introduces security technologies such as system core signature and application authorization verification to eliminate illegal flashing and ensure that it is illegal. The programs cannot run on the terminal, effectively protecting the data security of cardholders and merchants. Built-in professional high-performance security chip, encrypted storage through the security chip to prevent key data from being monitored and peeped. In scan code payment, the default main scan mode is prioritized to ensure transaction security. At the same time, the SUNANY terminal has passed a comprehensive security certification and multiple security guarantees to build a solid security channel for banks and users, ensuring that every payment is safe and fun.


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