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Динамичный Новый год Sunany “День вечеринки”

январь 5, 2024

В январе 3, 2024, Сунани провел выдающийся “День вечеринки” мероприятие в Pinghu Wanda Plaza, отмечая начало нового года. Мероприятие собрало команду Sunany 52 члены, которые были разделены на две динамичные команды: Зеленая команда и Розовая команда. День был наполнен весельем и сотрудничеством., featuring many exciting team-building activities that not only promoted teamwork but also strengthened bonds between team members.

The event kicked off with an ice-breaking warm-up activity, allowing Sunany team members not only to better understand and trust each other but also to lay a solid foundation for the success of the event.

The first challenge started with a fun-filled team card game that involved flipping cards sequentially. Each team member not only needed to accurately remember the points on the cards but also worked closely with their teammates to ensure that the team could flip all the cards in order. With the concerted efforts of everyone, both teams successfully completed the challenge.

Next was theLaser Battle CS Peak Showdown.This competition required all teams to work together, using strategy and communication to eliminate their opponents and secure victory. Through this competition, teamwork skills were greatly improved.

For adrenaline lovers, the third challenge was a thrilling rock climbing adventure. The “Climb to Success” event not only pushed team members outside of their comfort zones but also demonstrated the importance of trust and encouragement. The team members cheered each other on, and a sense of accomplishment and unity permeated the team.

The team dinner officially started at 6 o’clock in the evening. The dinner provided an opportunity for team members to share experiences and reflect on the day’s achievements in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sunany’s Party Day not only provided a day of fun and excitement but also enhanced team cohesion and mutual understanding between team members. The Sunany also looks forward to a new year full of challenges and successes, and the collaborative spirit and camaraderie formed on this special day will undoubtedly contribute to Sunany’s continued success.





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