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Раскрытие потенциала: Интерфейс HDMI в системах торговых точек

сентябрь 14, 2023

The HDMI interface is a common component in point of sale systems. Sunany’s POS hardware, which is built on Core i3/ i5/ i7 processors, consistently includes HDMI interfaces. тем не мение, the practical significance of the HDMI interface is often overlooked. Так, what role does the HDMI interface play in the point of sale systems?

High-Quality Display Output:
The HDMI interface establishes a high-definition digital connection between POS terminals and display devices, ensuring clear visual output. This provides various options. In retail stores or reception desks, you may require customer monits or need to connect advertising equipment. HDMI connections enable not only high-definition content display but also the playback of videos and other content. If you need a customer display, we recommend Sunany’s PD70 and PD101 Pole customer displays, which utilize IPS LCD panels and offer both HDMI and VGA options for easily connect to your point of sale systems.

Аудио выход:
Unlike the VGA interface, HDMI not only delivers superior video quality but also supports audio output. This is especially valuable in scenarios requiring audio cues or prompts, such as providing customer instructions or alerting staff to specific events or actions. Whether it’s background music, voice prompts, or audio notifications, the HDMI interface ensures synchronized audio output with the visual display.

Easy Setup and Plug-and-Play Functionality:
HDMI interfaces are known for their user-friendly setup and plug-and-play capabilities, simplifying the connection process between the point of sale systems and display devices.

Considering these advantages, it’s clear that selecting the right hardware combinations can significantly streamline your operations. As a dedicated hardware manufacturer, Sunany remains committed to delivering solutions that cater to your specific needs. If you have any questions or require guidance in this regard, our expert team is ready to provide you with the necessary information and assistance to enhance the hardware configuration of your point of sale systems.



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