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Should Windows 7 OS of POS Upgrade into Windows 10 OS?

February 24, 2022

Windows 7 has long been the preferred operating system for many POS users, even after the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Till now, Microsoft had stopped supporting Windows 7 for two years, Windows 10 had been released for five years and Windows 11 even had been released last Oct. should POS operation system keep Windows 7 or upgrade into Windows 10 ? still unsure it is time to upgrade? Let us show you some perspectives, then you can have a decision.

1. Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows 7 as of January 2020. this means sticking with Windows 7 will no longer be able to receive updates, exposing your POS systems to many potential bugs and security issues. Obviously, Windows 10 can protect your POS system from virus better than Windows 7.
2. New processor will be not support Windows 7. If your CPU is above 8th generation, it will not support Windows 7, For example, the POS from Sunany with J4125 9th generation processor can not support Windows 7.
3. Windows 10 has a better performance. it is in boots, sleeps, and wakes faster than its predecessors, even when loaded on an older machine. While it may seem slight at first, this boost in performance can mean a parallel boost in productivity for your employees.
4. Windows 10 has a good software compatibility, some software or apps may be incompatible with Windows 7, but Windows 10 can be compatible.
5. Windows 10 is easier to use than its predecessors.

After reading these perspectives, will you upgrade your POS operation system if it still is Windows 7? Now Sunany POS pre-install Windows 10 professional or Windows 10 enterprise LTSC by default. a advice from Sunany: Windosws 10 is a better choice.



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