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Smart cash register is about to replace traditional cash register

November 10, 2013

With various types of capital entering the Internet industry, new areas of growth have been ushered in in various areas. Whether it is the development of smart commercial hardware still system, it has a very good market and user groups. Under the circumstances that the domestic economy has maintained steady and continuous growth, the smart cash register can be said to be an emerging industry and is slowly eliminating traditional cash registers.

From the first-generation cash register to the market, it is now the fifth-generation smart cash register. After a hundred years of growth, the cash register is no longer the simple recipient.

At the beginning of the growth of the Internet smart cash register, the manufacturers launched the “Intelligent Cash Register” for the national market, and simultaneously launched the “Smart Cash Register System”. The smart commercial hardware is comparable to the cash register system, sponsoring more traditional merchants to achieve “Internet +” Transformation, and the need for voluminous orders such as offline orders, cashiers, and takeaways.

Taking the Internet outlet as an opportunity, and using intelligent hardware as an importer, the intelligent cash register sponsors offline physical businesses, transforms the traditional forms of operations and cash collection methods, and in essence promotes the virtues and benefits of the firm.

The most practical smart cash register, with the settlement effect of business services, must have trade names and commodity governance attributes. Regardless of whether individual merchants still store chains, they can set employee accounts such as manager, finance, cashier, etc., based on disagreements between employees’ roles and permissions, and can easily manage and operate the firm.

Not only the smart hardware and cash register system, but also the most important scan code ordering, WeChat takeaway, APP orders, for the merchant to build WeChat firm, the offline and online business data to buy through. The patrons can order, pay, and take delivery via micro-signal or in-store self-service code scanning. Merchants can use the methods of payment, such as WeChat, Alipay, membership cards, and bank cards, to implement payment collection.

Intelligent cash register and cash register system, a practical multi-industry disagreement physical store, merchants can stand on their own to select appropriate functional modules based on industry and trade name needs. Fast-food cash register, scan code cash register, weighing cash register, and voluminous integration break through the imagination of merchants on the cash register. Minimal manipulative processes make the firm’s governance more intelligent and efficient, making marketing more concise and convenient, sponsoring companies diligent in their capital, and allowing smart people to replace human resources.


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