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Solving the Issue of Touch Screen POS Machines’ Susceptibility to Static Interference

November 2, 2023

Static electricity can significantly impact the functionality of touch screen POS machines, frequently resulting in issues like screen jumps and misalignments, leading to inaccurate touch responses. This problem is most prevalent in dry environments prone to static electricity, especially when cashiers frequently handle plastic bags, generating substantial static charges on their hands. When these charged hands interact with the screen, static electricity can infiltrate the POS machine through the touch screen. In minor cases, a simple reboot of the POS machine may rectify the problem. However, in more severe instances, this static electricity can harm touch screen controler or even the entire POS machine.

To address these issues, let’s delve into the operation of capacitive touch screens. These screens consist of a transparent, specialized metal conductor affixed to the glass surface. When a finger comes into contact with this metal layer, it alters the capacitance at the touch point, subsequently modifying the frequency of the connected oscillator. By measuring this frequency shift, the system accurately pinpoints the touch location. Consequently, the touch screen’s surface is not only non-insulated but is often finely tuned for high sensitivity to enable precise functionality.

When dealing with a range of customer complaints, Sunany engineers have identified static electricity as the primary culprit behind over 70% of touch screen malfunctions. Sunany always focuses on finding new ways to solve static electricity problems in product research and development, we also want to provide you with suggestions to help you avoid some common static electricity problems::

1. Ensure a stable power supply with proper grounding.

2. Steer clear of potential sources of static electricity, such as an excess of plastic bags.

3. In dry conditions, dissipate static electricity from your hands before using the touch screen. Two effective methods for accomplishing this are either touching an exposed metal component of the cashier station or wiping your hands with a damp cloth.

Even if static electricity results in touch screen problems that cannot be resolved through a simple reboot the POS machine, there is no need for undue concern. Sunany has incorporated protective circuits around the controller, making it resistant to direct damage under normal circumstances. We can provide remote debugging and reprogramming services to address the issue. Furthermore, we can tailor the firmware to your specific usage environment, adjusting sensitivity settings to meet your requirements.


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