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Some Advantages of Android 12 Operating System for POS Terminals

April 24, 2024

Many software vendors and dealers are looking for POS terminals based on the Android 12 operating system. Android 12, released in October 2021, introduced several new features and improvements to the Android operating system. So what are the advantages of the Android 12 operating system for POS terminals?

1. Android 12 focuses on performance optimization. It includes optimizations to reduce CPU usage, improve battery life, and make app launching faster. These improvements provide a smoother and more responsive user experience.

2. Android 12 introduces new privacy features to give users more control over their data. It includes indicators that show when an app is accessing the camera or microphone, making it easier to identify and prevent unauthorized access.

3. Android 12 provides new APIs and tools for developers, making it easier to create apps that are compatible with the latest OS version. This encourages developers to optimize their apps for Android 12, resulting in a wider range of apps that take advantage of the new features and improvements.

4. Android 12 offers improved notification management, allowing users to have more control over how notifications are displayed and interacted with. It provides richer notification styles and more options for customization.

5. Android 12 introduces the Google Play System Updates feature, allowing important security and privacy updates to be delivered directly through the Play Store. This enables faster updates and ensures that devices stay secure without relying solely on device manufacturers or carriers.

6. Android 12 introduces a new design language called Material You. It offers a more customizable and visually appealing user interface, allowing users to personalize their device’s appearance with different colors, widgets, and fonts.

7. Audio and Video Improvements: Android 12 introduces support for new audio and video codecs, such as MPEG-H and AV1, allowing for better audio and video playback quality. This enhances the multimedia experience on Android devices.

Sunany team began to develop POS terminals based on the Android 12 operating system in 2023. Currently, the POS hardware using Rockchip RK3588 processor has been mass-produced and has been proven by the market to have excellent performance. If you are interested in new solutions, please feel free to consult the Sunany team.


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