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Some Tips for Balancing Cash Drawer

February 13, 2023

As an integral part of POS system, cash drawer is a very important hardware for your business. Sunany gives you some tips below to help keep your drawer in tip-top shape.

1.One person one cash drawer
When it comes to your cash drawer, the fewer people who access it, the better. Consider limiting the number of people who use each drawer. Limitations allow you to avoid cash drawer discrepancies and can help you avoid workplace theft.

2. Assign duties
For accountability purposes, assign one or two trusted employees to balance your cash drawer(s). You can assign one person to count the drawer while another employee prepares the bank deposit. Have employees who manage cash drawers sign a report indicating they balanced the drawer.

3. Utilize sales reports
If you have a POS system, don’t be afraid to use sales reports to your advantage. You can use reports to see a drawer’s beginning, current, and end-of-day balances.

4. Deposit cash during the day
To keep your cash drawer nice and tidy, consider cleaning it out during the day. If you find your cash drawer overflowing throughout the day, make multiple small deposits into your safe or bank to keep your till’s cash count down.

5. Look out for consistent discrepancies
If you start noticing cash drawer discrepancies time and time again, something might be up. You might be dealing with stolen funds if cash consistently does not match your POS reports.

After reading these tips, do you have any other suggestions? Welcome to discuss with us.




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