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Sunany 2021 Eagle Cup Badminton Tournament Concluded Perfectly

June 21, 2021

On 8:30 PM 18th June, the Sunany 2021 Eagle Cup final was held as scheduled. Due to the COVID-19, we had to limit the number of participants in the finals, but we still concluded the finals perfectly

The first match was the women’s singles final, Our Sunany girls were excellent as their male colleagues. Their valiant and heroic posture were the most beautiful scenery in the badminton field. The second match was the mixed doubles final, the tacit cooperation of the boys and girls on the field makes every confrontation very ornamental. After a 15 minutes break, there came the last but most excited match: man singles final. Before the start of the final battle, the two players performed a simple duel ceremony to express their confidence in winning. During the final, two players were fighting with their whole strength but hard to distinguish who has taken charge of this game. The audience off the court worked hard to cheer for the players on the court. Finally, with the last ball falling on the ground, the judge declared the whole game a perfect end. All audience cheered for this wonderful final, even the opponent applauded the champion.

Here are the bonus winners of the night:

Men’s single champion, Shayne from International Business Department with bonus of RMB1000.
Woman single champion, Kasha from Administration Department with bonus of RMB1000.
Mixed doubles champion, Shayne and Lila from International Business Department with bonus of RMB3000.

The final sector is the award ceremony. Sunany general manager Wayne present present trophies and bonuses to the champions. After a whole month of preparations and competitions, the physical fitness of each Sunany employee has been improved, and the spirit of cooperation and fighting of the employees has been carried forward. More importantly, Sunany employees will give full play to this fighting spirit in their work and never say never.

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