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Sunany Enjoyed the Perfect Trip from Guizhou

September 18, 2021

From 9th Sep to 14th Sep, Sunany had started an unforgettable 6-days annual trip from Guizhou province. Here, we would love to share our dreamy trip with all of you.

Guizhou is also famous due to its karst landforms. So, the green mountains and rivers in Guizhou have left a deep impression on all visitors. We had seen the largest waterfall in Asia, Huangguoshu Waterfall. In the base of Huangguoshu Waterfall, there is even a rainbow.

Guizhou is also a place with a strong religious culture. Sunany staff had climbed the one of 5th famous Buddhist mountains, Fanjing Mountain. Also, Sunany staff visited the Qinglong Cave which owns three cultures of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. In the chanting of monks and Taoists, and under the gaze of Buddha statues, you will find inner peace of your heart.

The Guizhou people from great mountains are very simple in their hearts, and treat guests from afar with enthusiasm and sincerity. Especially Hmong girls will sing local songs to toast the guests.
In Guizhou, many ancient towns are be perfectly preserved, the thousand Miao villages Xijiang is the most impressive. There is some young Sunany staff who had put on the traditional costumes of the local people and took many unique photos. This is also a great memory of our trip to Guizhou.

The climate in Guizhou is humid all year round, the locals mostly drink mineral water. So, Guizhou people prefer spicy and sour flavors. During this tour, we tasted many local delicacies, such as sour soup fish, silk doll (a kind of spring roll), lovers’ tofu, Guizhou barbecue, etc. The spicy and sour flavor is an endless aftertaste.

We all still sigh at how grand China is, there are so many wonderful places we have never been to. Sunany all staffs are already back to work now, and we warmly welcome your inquiries and orders.



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