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Sunany Launches F1 Fingerprinter Reader for POS System

February 19, 2022

Sunany launches F1 fingerprinter reader that is compatible with Windows Hello. It is a biometrics-based technology that makes Windows 10 users (and Windows 11) get secure access to their devices with just a fingerprint.

It’s a quick and simple operation. When users want to log in to their POS system or software, no need to enter the password and worry about forgetting the password. Just use their finger to touch our F1 fingerprint reader, and they can log in. It’s secure, based on biometrics technology, every person’s fingerprint is unique, is difficult to steal or copy by any method. So when the cashier leaves the POS system, they can lock the POS system with the F1 fingerprint reader and not worry about the information will be stolen.

Besides Windows hello, there has other advantages of Sunany F1 fingerprint reader.

F1 fingerprinter reader is a small and exquisite device, can be connected with a POS system perfectly. In most of Sunany POS system, both sides of the POS screen has USB ports, so the F1 fingerprinter reader can be put on both side of the POS screen, so it is friendly for those left-handed users as well.

It supports a 360-degree identification fingerprinter, can read fingerprints from any angle. And the recognition speed is quick, can arrive in 0.2 seconds.

All Sunany Windows POS systems can support F1 fingerprint reader for optional now, welcome to contact us if you are interested in it.

Click the link to download the specification: Specification of F1 Fingerprinter reader




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