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Sunany Memorable Chaoshan Trip during the Dragon Boat Festival

June 30, 2023

Sunany’s Chaoshan trip during the Dragon Boat Festival was truly memorable. From June 22nd to June 23rd, we embarked on an exciting journey to Chaoshan, coinciding with the festive occasion.

Our first day was spent exploring Nan’ao Island, a picturesque destination renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. The Sunany team engaged in a variety of activities, including an exhilarating sailing experience on a sea sailboat. We also had the opportunity to explore the lively Qing’ao Bay Beach and enjoy thrilling rides on motorboats. Additionally, we visited the Northern Tropic of Cancer landmark tower, providing us with a unique opportunity to witness this geographical milestone.

The following day, we had the privilege of exploring the ancient city of Chaozhou, with a particular focus on the renowned Paifang Street. This bustling thoroughfare is steeped in history and admired for its architectural beauty. Adorned with intricately carved and colorful ancient arches, known as “Pai Fang,” Paifang Street symbolizes Chaozhou’s rich cultural heritage and serves as a testament to its history and humanity. Each archway has its own unique meaning and story, further immersing us in the city’s cultural significance.

Our gastronomic adventures were equally memorable. On Nan’ao Island, we indulged in a delightful seafood feast, savoring the freshest catches from the sea and experiencing the unique flavors of the region. In Chaozhou, we had the pleasure of indulging in authentic local delicacies, such as the renowned beef hot pot, known for its rich and savory flavors.

Alongside our culinary exploration, we also had the chance to sample Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea, a traditional tea known for its meticulous brewing techniques and delicate taste. Furthermore, we had the privilege of witnessing a captivating performance of Chaozhou opera, an ancient art form characterized by its vibrant costumes, lively music, and captivating storytelling, which allowed us to immerse ourselves in the region’s cultural heritage.

The Chaoshan trip provided Sunany’s employees with a wonderful opportunity to relax, connect with one another, and create lasting memories. It fostered team spirit and cultural exchange, enhancing our overall experience. We eagerly anticipate organizing more such trips in the future, as they contribute to our team building, cultural understanding, and personal growth.

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