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SUNANY Participates in 2017 China POS Industry Annual Meeting and Talks About The Future of The Industry

December 26, 2017

2017 is nearing completion and the new 2018 is coming. In the past 2017, what is the development situation of China’s POS machine industry and what industry data are worth our attention? At the same time, behind the high-speed development of any industry, a large number of companies have always been unable to do so. They are constantly making efforts in technology and products. What high-quality companies are worth learning in 2017?










On December 22nd, China POS Machine Network held the “First China POS Industry Annual Conference” at Guangzhou Garden Hotel, and held the “2017 China Andrews POS Summit Forum”. Hisense、Sunmi 、Sedsy、Newland 、Landicorp 、PAX 、XINGUODU、SUNANY、KMTECH、SIXUN、Xprinter、Royalpc、Hysoon、GainschaSixty to seventy POS machine industry well-known enterprises and POS peripheral products company CEOs gathered together to celebrate the annual feast and exchange the 2017 industry development.

The POS industry’s annual meeting is mainly held in the form of a dinner party. The organizer China POS Machine Net will invite professional performance teams to add to the annual meeting, create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the participants, and celebrate the arrival of the new year together with the guests. . At the same time, Mr. Chen Wei, Marketing Director of China’s POS Machine Network, and Lin Huipeng, a senior expert from China’s POS machine industry, will also comprehensively summarize the overall development of China’s POS machine industry in 2017 and report on the country’s total sales of POS in 2017. Conduct a comprehensive analysis and disclose a large number of valid data to help companies better understand the development of the POS industry. In addition, the annual meeting will also highlight a group of companies that have made outstanding contributions to the POS industry in China in 2017, and thanked these companies for their efforts and contributions to the development of the POS industry in China.


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