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Sunany Updates The Pole Customer Displays

September 23, 2022

Nowadays, the screens with the display ratio of 16:9 and 16:10 are getting more and more popular in the market, and the screen with a display ratio of 4:3 has gradually no longer conformed to the market aesthetics. Based on this, Sunany decided to discontinue the production of PD800 and PD970 in our pole customer display family, upgrade the design of PD700 and launch a PD101.

Now, let’s find out the features of the new PD700 and PD101 pole customer display:

IPS technology. The viewing angle of the TN screen is only 90 degrees, and the color of the screen will be distorted when the viewing angle is tilted. The customers who wanted to check the contents of the customer display could only be limited to the front of the TN screen. The new PD700 and PD101 both adopt IPS screens, allowing customers to check the contents of the customer display from all angles.

VGA and HDMI interfaces. The new PD700 and PD101 get VGA and HDMI interfaces for optional, which is easy to connect with any device with VGA or HDMI interface

Independent power supply. The new PD700 and PD101 come with 12V 3A power adapters, compared with the USB power supply, the power supply from independent power adapters will be more stable

Since the 10.1″ IPS screen was launched last year and applied to the Sunany POS systems, we have received so much positive feedback, so we have confidence in it. PD101 will be put into mass production in October, and PD700 will be put into mass production in December.

Model Size Interface Display Technology Resolution Launch Date
PD700 7 inch VGA or HDMI IPS 1024*600 Dec. 2022
PD101 10.1 inch VGA or HDMI IPS 1280*800 Oct. 2022


Specification of PD101 is as follows, kindly click the link to download:

Specification of PD101 Pole Customer Dsiplay – 20220923









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